Jacqueline Zalace

Jacqueline is recent graduate from Florida State University, where she majored in Anthropology and Creative Writing. Midway through her time as a student, she Jacqueline Zalacedecided to go vegan and hasn’t looked back since.

Vegan food is way more versatile than just salads! Veganism is such an important part of Jacqueline’s life, but she knows that it’s not an easy transition for everyone.

Vegan websites with tips and products are such an amazing tool to show everyone that going vegan doesn’t have to be hard. In her spare times,

Jacqueline enjoys cooking, attending local vegan events, and playing video games. Recently, she has begun practicing yoga, and is eager to tell everyone the amazing benefits of practicing every day.

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Last year, the amount of vegan products sold in the United States went up 11%, with 73% of that total being footwear. People no longer want to buy real leather products. Consumers are becoming more aware of shopping ethically, opting for cruelty-free boots that do not contain leather.