Vegan Belts – The Cruelty Free Way To Hold Your Pants Up!

The most ethical way to hold your pants up is using belts without the animal hide.

One thing that convinces a lot of people to turn to normal belts made from leather is the fact that they last longer than others. However, what most people don’t know is the cruel situation that animals go through before you get to wear that piece of hide around your waist.

So, to show your compassion to animals and the environment, using belts and other daily accessories like makeup and office or school bags is one way to do it.

The following are some of the best options we’ve found and compiled for you!


Men’s Vegan Belts



Corkor Cork Belt 35mm Wide

Description: Made from natural cork, you’ll be amazed to wear a sustainable product that is durable and can actually last long.

It is soft and comfortable to wear. The belt is also water and scratch resistant, which makes it suitable for daily use.

Material: Genuine cork leather, scratch-resistant buckle, cruelty-free

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Corkor Cork Belt 30mm Wide

Description: Another cork belt that is smaller in width, this is a great option to be worn for special occasions.

This allows you to wear something stylish and at the same time environment-friendly.

Surely, you’ll not compromise style with this belt.

Material: genuine cork, scratch-resistant buckle, durable

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Vans Hunter

Description: The belt comes in different sizes and you get to choose from two color options: black and dark brown.

It can be used daily or for special events. Made from polyurethane, you can guarantee its durability while ensuring it’s cruelty-free.

Material: 100% polyurethane

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The Vegan Collection Julian Reversible

Description: A sturdy and classic looking belt, this is a great accessory to be worn daily or occasionally.

It is made from faux leather that guarantees you’re wearing a cruelty-free item.

Since it is reversible, you get the benefits of two-toned belts in one.

Material: Faux leather, synthetic microfiber

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The Vegan Collection Captain Black Non Leather

Description: This can be your next staple belt for your daily use.

It looks great for work and non-work clothes. It is durable and holds its shape even with long term use.

Material: Faux leather, classic square ring closure

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The Vegan Collection Alexander Reversible

Description: Another reversible belt, this works great for the younger generations with its stylish buckle.

Since it is reversible, you can choose which color suits your mood or outfit of the day.

The high-quality belt looks and feels like real leather and can last long without flaking.

Material: Synthetic microfiber, faux leather

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The Vegan Collection Towns Black Non Leather

Description: This handsome belt is best paired with any casual look.

The classic textured fabric makes it look more stylish.

Its brushed silver buckle completes its overall high-end look.

Material: Faux leather, textured fabric, brushed silver buckle

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Truth Sparrow

Description: The entire strap is made one single materials, which prevents any part from wearing out after several use.

The combination of vinyl and nylon makes it more durable. Hence, the belt being considered indestructible.

Material: Vinyl and nylon, nickel free buckle

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Truth Smith

Description: A leather like feel and look, these are things you should expect from this belt.

It is made from recycled materials that were processed without chemicals to create a durable and stylish accessory.

Material: Polyurethane top and bottom layers, brushed gun-nickel buckle

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Truth Karma Elastic

Description: Forget about the ugly bulge in the front area of your pants with this elastic belt.

It can adjust to any size, which prevents wrinkling and bulging of loose pants.

Great for those who are gaining or losing weight.

Material: 86% polyester and 14% elastic, nickel free flat buckle with antique silver finish

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Truth Slug

Description: Another item from Truth’s Indestructible collection is the Slug.

With the one-piece strap being made from one material, it is almost impossible for it to break.

Material: Italian belt buckle, combined vinyl, and nylon, strong and durable

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Truth Hitch

Description: Similar with others from the Indestructible collection, the Truth Hitch is also durable but is more stylish.

Its sides has cool thread marks that makes it more stylish than the rest of the collection.

Material: Fused nylon and polyester, buckle has antique silver finish

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Truth Stegosaurus

Description: A simple yet classy belt that boasts superb durability, the Truth Stegosaurus is another great option for daily use.

Made from high quality polyester, you can guarantee its flexibility and durability.

Material: Vinyl and Polyester

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Truth The Shanghai

Description: A more stylish option from Truth belts is The Shanghai.

It is the most unique option from the brand simply because of its brick pattern.

An extra material is used around the edges to make the entire belt more durable.

Material: 100% polypropylene along with polyester binding and a polyurethane lining

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Will’s Vegan Shoes 4cm

Description: Made with Italian microfiber, this cruelty-free and handmade belt is a great alternative for leather counterparts.

It has hand stitched details and a brass buckle to complete its simple yet elegant look.

Material: Solid brass buckle, high quality Italian microfiber, PETA approved

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Will’s Vegan Shoes 1.5cm Skinny

Description: A skinny belt that you can use with jeans or for casual outfits, you’ll love the quality of this item.

Made form microfiber, you can never go wrong with this cruelty-free belt.

It is handmade and has a metal buckle.

Material: Soft Italian microfiber, solid metal buckle, PETA approved

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Noah Cinta 35 Black

Description: A great option for both daily use and special occasions.

This item is made from sustainable materials and has a classic design.

Material: 100% synthetic material, belt tip and loop are soft microsuede

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Noah Cinta Cognac

Description: This one is another option that boasts a classic style.

It is 100% synthetic and is sustainably made in Italy.

Material: Durable micronappa belt, silver buckle

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Noah Cinta Dark Brown

Description: For men who like a more classic yet durable look for their belts, this one is for you.

It is made from synthetic materials yet is durable and stylish whether for daily or occasional use.

Material: 100% synthetic, sustainably made

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Corkor 40mm Wide Cork

Description: A beautiful cork belt for the women, this one is made from genuine cork and is durable enough for daily use.

It has an elegant buckle that is also scratch resistant. You’ll love its smooth and soft surface.

Material: Genuine high-quality cork leather, scratch-resistant elegant buckle, 100% leather-free

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Corkor 25mm Wide Cork

Description: Another plain yet sustainably made option is this one from Corkor.

Made from genuine leather, this one is best used daily with working clothes.

It is plain and simple, which makes it easy to pair with any outfit.

Material: Genuine high-quality cork leather, scratch-resistant elegant buckle, water-resistant

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Will’s Vegan Shoes 1.5cm Skinny

Description: This one is perfect for women who likes wearing those skinny jeans and still wants to secure their pants up.

Its classy design makes it easy for you to match it with any clothes.

Material: Italian soft microfiber, simple metal buckle, PETA approved

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Bhava Wide Black Cork Waist

Description: A perfect and eye catching waist accessory that you can use over dresses.

It is made from cork and and has a hand painted design. This fashionable alternative that means no harm to both the environment and animals.

Material: Hand painted and handmade wide belt made from eco-suede lining, imported choice of upper material

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Bhava Wide BLACK Waist

Description: If you want a plain waist accessory for maxi dresses and enhance your body shape, this one is for you.

Made from eco-suede lining and Italian vegan leather, you’ll definitely love this option.

Material: Handmade belts with eco-suede lining, upper Italian leather, antique brass buckle

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Vegan Wares Studded – Black

Description: A stylish studded belt that you can wear when attending parties or night outs.

Pair it up with your favorite party clothes to make a cruelty-free fashionable statement.

Material: Clarino full grain microfiber, black stitching

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Vegan Wares 13mm

Description: A simple and plain option you wear daily. It is durable and is available in white and black.

Material: Clarino full grain microfiber

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Pangea Vegan Store Casual Square-Buckle

Description: A classic looking belt that comes with a square buckle.

Use it daily with your work clothes or for special occasions to complete your classy look.

Material: Faux leather, square gold or silver-tone buckle

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Pangea Vegan Store 27mm  with Rounded Gold Buckle

Description: This dress belt is perfect for daily use. It is durable and is made from high-quality sustainable materials.

Material: Faux leather, rounded buckle, classic feather edges

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Try to pick a few different pieces from this list and mix and match them with your every day outfit! If you want us to include a brand you are using, share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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