Treat Your Feet With These Vegan Socks

Socks are meant to make your feet feel warmer during the cold weather and protect your feet when wearing shoes. This is a great addition to wearing non animal-derived sweaters add the warmth you feel.

However, some socks are unethically made of wool. If you’re looking for vegan socks, then we’ve created a short list you can use. These are made with sustainable materials and are great for sport or casual activities.

You can pair these with any vegan activewear you already have or simply wear them at home during lazy weekends when you just want to feel warm all over.

There are plenty of other cruelty free clothing options, click here to see more. If you want to replace any wool socks in your draws, take a look at the following sustainably-made alternatives:

Physix Gear Sport Compression

Description: These funky socks come with a hint of color on the toe and heel. You can wear these during training or workouts and feel assured that you will look cool and get great performance.

If you keep getting swollen feet these compression socks will help you recover faster and give your feet the comfort they deserves. Materials: Blend of nylon and lycra Click here for price




SB SOX Compression

Description: Another set of compression socks are these from SB Sox. Each pair provides great compression from your toes to the calves.

Also, it is designed with adequate padding to make it more comfortable to be worn even on long hours.

These are unisex socks that can be used to improve blood circulation or when doing certain sports or a quick walkathon. Materials: 20% spandex/lycra and 80% nylon Click here for price




Thirty48 Low Cut Cycling 

Description: These cycling socks are the perfect pair that you should wear when planning to take a long bike ride or going on a race.

Using the latest technology, these are manufactured to keep your feet comfortable and prevent bruises.

The combination of materials in the fabric makes it breathable to keep your feet dry throughout your use. Materials: 5% Lycra, 27% Nylon, and 68% Polyprolene Click here for price




Avesu Macbeth Crew

Description: If you’re in search for a pair of vegan socks that offers comfort, these are great options. Wear it daily for work or school.

You can also choose to wear it whenever you are up for any physical activities to keep your feet protected and relaxed. Materials: 3% elasthane, 10% Coolmax, 10% polyester and 77% cotton Click here for price




Dutch Houses Bamboo

Description: These fun socks are the ones you need when looking for something artsy to wear for your feet. You’ll love how breathable these are and keep your feet dry and warm. These are naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which prevents your feet from developing foul odor and keep it healthy. Materials: Blend of organic cotton and soft bamboo Click here for price




Thirty 48 Running

Description: If you’re in search for vegan socks that offer comfort and style, then these are the best options for you. You can wear with any shoes and stay as stylish as you want to be. With the extra padding, you’ll not have to worry about getting bruises or abrasions when using them for long hours. Materials: 33% CoolMax, 30% Nylon, 27% Cotton, 8% Polyester, and 2% Lycra Click here for price




Thorlos Light Hiking

Description: Make hiking more fun without thinking about your feet getting bruised with these hiking socks. These have thin sides and the heel areas are padded to prevent blisters. The overall design of these items is made to keep your feet relaxed and dry. Materials: 59% Exclusive THOR-WICK, 13% stretch nylon, 24% Exclusive THOR-LON, and 4% spandex Click here for price




FLOSO Warm Slipper Socks

Description: During cold months, you’ll most likely stay inside your room and wear a pair of socks to keep you warm. If you want to wear socks and ditch wearing slippers, then you should get these slipper socks. These are designed with no-slip grip that prevents you from sliding or slipping across your floor and avoid falls. Enjoy keeping your feet feeling warm without the bulky pair of socks and slippers by using these alternatives. Materials: Polyester, Elastane and Polyamide Click here for price




Soxnet Thermal Boot

Description: These thermal socks are meant to be worn under your boots. If you tend to go out during the cold season, these socks will keep your feet warm and protect your feet from impacts.

These are waterproof, breathable and well-fitted. Materials: Recycled cotton Click here for price  



These vegan socks are perfect for anyone on the go. If you’re interested in the outdoors, running or hiking this list should help keep your feet warm and dry.

In case we’ve left out other alternatives or you want to share more vegan options, do leave a comment below.