Delicious Vegan Food For Meals And Snacks

Vegan food is by far our favorite post on this website (shh don’t tell the other posts..)

There are soo many yumm options from chocolate to cheese and everything in between.

Vegan food is becoming a lot easier to find. As more people are becoming aware of animal cruelty the demand for cruelty free products has increased.

You can start with getting cruelty free staples to keep in your kitchen that will allow you to be more creative with your meals while making sure they are healthy.

When doing regular trips to the grocery and grabbing some snacks, sometimes, you’ll find a few items that are surprisingly plant-based. All of the items on this page would be perfect to give to others. We have a huge list of presents or gift ideas on this page

If there are any great food you want to share with us please comment at the bottom of each post.

As there are a lot of new products popping up each day we would love to try them all!


Most of the chocolate products you’ll see in the market are mixed with dairy products.

With the harsh situation of animals used for getting milk, more people are in the search for ethically made chocolate products.

Popular options are dark chocolate variants that are made purely from cocoa or cacao beans. Aside from the rich taste, these also provide a lot of health benefits.

We’ve created a list of popular options you can choose from that you’ll surely love.




Organic Chickpea SnackWhen it comes to vegan snacks, there are a lot of cruelty free snacks that you can choose from. Most of these snacks are made purely from plant-based ingredients.

In addition, there are items made from organically sourced ingredients that are healthier and more flavorful alternatives.

If getting into completely plant-based meals is a difficult start, you can always start with snacks. For example, you can try eating dairy-free chocolates at first and get to understand that taste is not necessarily compromised in this lifestyle.

Check out the list of snacks that we’ve reviewed and find several items that you can try.




You’ll definitely be surprised knowing that there are a lot of plant-based staples that you can keep in your pantry that are healthier than the usual items.

One way to completely get into this lifestyle is through filling your kitchen with food items that are 100% free from animal by-products.

Keeping these items around your kitchen will give you more ideas on how to utilize them and create delicious and healthy meals. In time, you’ll get used to them and make it a point to add more options.

We’re here to help you get started in this lifestyle and you can check out the list of products that you can buy and fill your vegan pantry.



Accidentally Vegan!

There are a lot of items that you may never assume are vegan and are just made without any ingredients derived from animals.

We made the search and created a list of products that weren’t intentionally made for those with a plant-based lifestyle.

Save yourself all the time and effort in searching for these items by simply checking our list. There are staple items that you can try and may surprise you with their completely animal free ingredients.

Get ready to flatter yourself with all the accidentally cruelty free items you can try!



Ice Cream Brands

Non-dairy ice creams? Are there such things? The answer is a big YES!!

More and more ice cream brands are taking the compassionate side and are making a lot of non-dairy frozen desserts that are made from nut milk.

The flavor? Well, you don’t really have to worry as there are exciting flavors that you can try aside from the all-time favorite flavors that the different generations love.

Who would have thought that there are accidentally plant-based items such as ice creams? Want to know more about the brands to choose from? Check the list of brands we made!



Pasta Brands

Pasta noodles are among the kitchen staples that many love. However, not all brands are free from animal derivatives and choosing one that is made from plant-based ingredients can be a bit tricky.

Well, lucky for you, we made all the hard work and have a list ready for the brands you can try.

Though most are not completely vegan, it’s great to know that you can still find vegan pasta noodles that are suitable for those who are in this compassionate lifestyle.

Check our list and start taking note of the brands or particular items from certain brands that you can try!



30 Day Vegan Challenge

We want to help those who are determined to start with this lifestyle but are finding it hard to create meals that are healthy and tasty.

Make the start now as we give you a complete 30 day meal guide on where to start from shopping lists with basic items and even unintentionally plant-based items to recipes you can try at home.

So, what are you waiting for? Get our meal guide now!