Oops! These Products Are Accidentally Vegan

Admit it or not, there are times when you go to the groceries and find something that was unintentionally made suitable for vegans.

Actually, when you find out how many foods are found in your local grocery, you’d be surprised to know that cruelty-free options are indeed easy to find.

Sometimes, items such as sweet treats and even your favorite pasta noodles are 100% free of animal derivatives and are still as delicious as the regular options.

All it takes is for you to check on the ingredients and find out the varieties suitable for your ethical lifestyle.

Check out the list we made below and expect a lot of Whoa! That’s Vegan?! moments:


Ritz Crackers

Description: Sticking to the original flavor of Ritz crackers, you’ll be surprised to know that this particular variant is cruelty-free.

The product is made out of ingredients without traces of animal by-products, which make it an ethical choice.

This can be your go-to snack at home or use for cracker appetizers.

Ritz Crackers is a brand offering different flavored crackers. However, only their original variant is fit for those with plant-based lifestyle.

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Quaker’s Cinnamon Life

Description: This whole grain cereal provides the goodness and benefits of whole grains plus it doesn’t contain any animal derivatives.

Getting this variant lets you enjoy the hint of cinnamon flavor unlike settling with the original flavor.

As what most people know Quaker is a brand offering wide range of oat varieties and promoting healthier living.

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Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix

Description: Most people would assume that cake or brownie mixes include dairy products.

However, you might be surprised that the Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix from Duncan Hines is indeed an ethical option over other cake mixes.

Checking the site, you’ll find that the ingredients include no amount of dairy or other animal derived ingredients.

Duncan Hines is a trusted name when it comes to cake products.

Though not 100% vegan, some of the variants they offer such as the product shown is unintentionally suitable for cruelty-free individuals.

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Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Description: If you think that going plant-based will prevent you from eating your all-time favorite sandwich cookies, maybe you should forget about that as Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies are surprisingly vegan!

Looking at the ingredients, it doesn’t contain any form of animal by-products.

Though not all variants are guaranteed to have no traces of animal derivatives, you can choose this one over them. Dunk them to your favorite nut milks or eat them as is anytime you want.

Nabisco under Mondelez International is the creator of Oreo products.

Some of their products may not be completely cruelty-free but the fact that the ingredients used for the cookies are intact, which don’t contain any animal by-products, makes some of its variants unintentionally vegan.

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Lays Potato Chips Barbecue and Original Flavors

Description: Lays Classic and Barbecue flavors are indeed considered ethically made.

Looking at their ingredients, even the barbecue flavor used a mixture of plant-based spices to achieve its unique flavor.

Also, potatoes are the main ingredient in making the chips.

Lays is a trademark under Fritolays and has always been committed to reducing their environmental impact and has since been using corn and potatoes as their main ingredients.

In addition, they have a continuous effort in achieving beneficial water impact, lowering carbon emissions, and promoting sustainable practices to reduce waste.







Description: Ingredients for the airheads contain no animal derivatives. In addition, they are gluten and peanut free.

These are available in different exciting flavors, so you can get a couple of these and enjoy them without the guilt.

Airheads is under Perfetti Van Melle is offering different varieties of candies.

There are varieties that are gluten and cruelty free and there are also those that aren’t so it is best that you always look at the ingredients in the package.

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Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

Description: Another product from Fritolays that is surprisingly suitable for those with plant-based diet is the Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili variant.

The tortilla chips are made of corn and barbecue flavoring is achieved with a mixture of plant-based spices such as onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika.

Fritolays the company manufacturing Doritos is a firm believer of using natural ingredients such as corn and potato in their products.

They aim to minimize environmental impacts brought by their processes and observe sustainable practices to reduce waste, carbon emissions, and improve water impact.

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Pillsbury Crescents

Description: If you’re looking for ethically made baked or ready to bake goodies, then you should grab the original variant of the Pillsbury Crescents.

Made mostly of plant-based ingredients and is free from dairy substances, this should definitely go to your pantry.

Pillsbury is a brand known for their various selections of cake mix and ready to bake products.

Though most of the items don’t use 100% cruelty-free ingredients, original or plain flavored products may have a good chance of being free from these ingredients.

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Swedish Fish Chewy Candy

Description: Most people would assume that chewy candies are not cruelty free simply because they contain gelatin.

However, there are chewy candies like Swedish Fish that is surprisingly fit for those with plant-based lifestyle.

It is one of the favorite chewy candies in the US and has been a favorite by different generations.

Swedish Fish is manufactured by Malaco and contains plant-based ingredients like corn syrup, corn starch, mineral oil, and carnauba wax.

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Pringles Original and BBQ

Description: Enjoy the taste of potato along with natural flavorings with the Original and Barbecue flavors from Pringles.

The only cruelty-free varieties from the brand are these two.

Make sure to get these options if you’re about to grab some snacks.

Pringles may offer wide range of flavor options but these two are the ones free from animal derivatives.

Savor the taste of crunchy and healthy potato chips with these options.




Knowing these accidentally vegan products, you’ll definitely have an idea on what items you can grab guilt-free next time you shop for more. You can also visit https://veganproductfinda.com/food to have more options to keep in mind.

If you like to add or share more items in the list, don’t hesitate to share it on the comment section for everyone to see!

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