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There’s no question that chocolate is one of the best foods on the planet. We eat it when we’re sad, happy or in between

As most chocolate contains dairy products, these are off limits to vegans. However, for those of us whose weakness is a nice chocolate treat there are plenty of vegan options you can try!

There are chocolate bars and brands that are dairy-free and will taste better than dairy chocolate. These are made mostly with higher percentage of cocoa and with little sugar and additives. There are also options for raw dark chocolate which is made from cacao and generally a healthier option.

Along with getting healthier snacks alternatives, make sure any chocolate you buy is dark chocolate and check the label for other fair trade and non-dairy information too. Some companies with high cacao percentages make their chocolate accidentally vegan.

Check out some of the best vegan chocolates you should try below:

Ombar Coco Mylk Raw

Description: This raw chocolate bar tastes and melts in your mouth.

Get to enjoy each bite without the guilt as it is made from organic Ecuadorian cacao, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, and creamed coconut.

It is creamy and has a subtle hint of coconut that makes the taste more interesting.

Try other variants in mandarin, strawberry, and blueberry acai.

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Vego Whole Hazelnut

Description: Enjoy the rich flavor combination of chocolate and hazelnut from Vego.

This product is made with hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream, and whole hazelnuts to let you enjoy a crunchy and satisfying snack on the go.

The chocolate is smooth and creamy and the whole hazelnuts give it an extra crunch with each bite.

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Go Max Go Buccaneer

Description: Missing the taste of your favorite Milky Way? Well, here’s a vegan version that you’ll surely love.

This fluffy and light rice milk chocolate coated bar is something that’ll bring back all your childhood memories without guilt.

Make this your new go-to choco bar and enjoy its rich flavor.

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Go Max Go Jokerz

Description: If you’re looking for a vegan variety of your favorite Snickers bar, then this is the perfect option for you.

Enjoy the layers of rice milk chocolate, dry roasted nuts, peanut nougat, and buttery caramel.

It cruelty free and has no traces of artificial additives and zero trans fat.

You’ll love how it tastes like the real thing but is dairy free.

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Chocolove- Great Gift Idea

Description: Enjoy decadent dark chocolate made from the combination of Caribbean and African cocoa beans.

You’ll love the rich choco flavor that slowly transitions into exciting hints of fruity flavors. This is a perfect gift idea for boyfriend or girlfriend.

To get a smoother consistency, it has cocoa butter added in the mixture.

Chocolove takes pride in creating completely vegan chocolates with having separate equipment for processing and molding dark and milk chocolates.

Enjoy other decadent flavors such as orange peel, raspberries, ginger and cherries and almonds.

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Endangered Species Dark

Description: Endangered offers wide range of dark chocolate varieties.

Raw materials are derived from family-owned properties and from real farmers.

With the profits, they donate a certain percentage to wildlife conservation.

Aside from providing great tasting treats, you’ll love the fact that you also share to the company’s advocacy every time you buy this product.

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Green & Black’s Organic

Description: Organically grown and harvested cocoa beans mixed with cocoa butter and a hint of vanilla.

Enjoy the smooth and strong choco flavor that you’ll ultimately love.

Try other variants to experience the intense dark choco with hints of other combined flavors.

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Vivani White Nougat Crisp

Description: Chocoholics should not miss getting this product.

White chocolate lovers will love this product made from organic ingredients.

Instead of using milk, it is made from rice milk powder.

It also has the finest nougat with hazelnut brittles for extra crunch in every bite.

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Seed and Bean – Lavender Dark

Description: Seed and Bean uses whole food ingredients such as soya, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

For flavor, they use essential oils to give a hint of extra flavor in every bite.

This is made from Dominican Trinitario cocoa that is infused delicately with lavender oil.

Get to enjoy other flavors such as ginger, lime and more.

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Vegan chocolates are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Aside from those made with high cocoa content, you can also find those that are made with rice milk that also taste great.

Getting any of these is a good start in trying a plant-based life. Dark chocolate is more beneficial to your health. There are also other brands that taste almost like milk chocolate but were made using coconut cream and other dairy-free alternatives. Surprisingly, these alternatives are also the ones used for non-dairy ice creams.

Feel free to share any brands of this treat or suggest any that you’d like to be included in the list on the comment section.

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