Vegan Ice Cream Brands

Craving for some ice cream is something beginners in the vegan lifestyle find really challenging. Given that these frozen desserts usually contain dairy, most beginners wonder how they can still indulge without the guilt.

Well, thanks to the increasing number of non-dairy ice cream brands, you can now enjoy these desserts in a more ethical way!

More items are unintentionally plant-based and boast the same rich flavor that you love just like many frozen desserts.

Don’t worry about finding them one by one as we’ve done the hard work and compiled a short list for you. Prepare as you get to know some of the best non-dairy frozen desserts that you can try below!

So Delicious Cashewmilk Frozen Dessert

Description: This brand is among the easiest non-dairy frozen desserts that you can find.

It is available in different flavors and all are as smooth and creamy as the regular ice cream.

Enjoy every scoop as is or create ice cream sandwiches for the entire family.

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Ben & Jerry’s

Description: The brand is now offering vegan options and you should definitely take advantage of it.

Yes, it took a long time before they provide these healthier and cruelty-free options, but it was all worth it.

These options are made using almond milk.

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Description: Tofutti is a known brand offering non-dairy frozen desserts and treats.

You should check out their products and feel excited of all the available choices at hand.

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Description: Though known to offer regular ice cream, the brand has already entered the dairy-free game.

They offer frozen desserts with almond milk as the main ingredient.

You’d definitely want to get your hands on these ethical options.

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Description: Enjoy your favorite flavor of smooth and creamy ice cream made from different plant-based milks.

Choose from those made with soy bases, coconut or almond.

Since not all their products are vegan, make sure that you always check the label to avoid getting those with regular milk products.

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Halo Top

Description: Enjoy low-caloric frozen treats available in mouthwatering flavors from Halo Top.

They have a special line of flavors that are completely plant-based so better check for those ones instead of the other options.

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Coconut Bliss

Description: A new brand that you’d love to buy over and over again simply because of the pure bliss on every spoonful of ice cream.

Try their different flavors and get to choose your new favorite for a plant-based ice cream.

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Description: An ethical brand you can trust when it comes to frozen desserts is NadaMoo.

Instead of regular milk, they use coconut milk and you won’t easily tell the difference.

Choose from their wide range of flavors to choose from.

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Double Rainbow

Description: The brand is offering a line of soy milk based frozen desserts.

Enjoy scrumptious flavors without the beany flavor.

You’d definitely love trying any of their options.

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Cado Avocado Frozen Dessert

Description: Unlike the rest of the items in this list, Cado easily stands out as they offer ice creams made from avocados.

Every pint is made of whole avocados and will definitely make you feel healthier without compromising the taste.

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With these alternatives in mind, you can now get several pints of the brand you chose and choose the flavors you want. There is nothing more fulfilling than indulging with ethically made foods whenever you want.

You can even make this as one of your favorite go-to foods at home and let the entire family enjoy the dessert.

Are there other brands you want us to include in the list? Contact us or leave a message at the comment section!

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