Vegan Staples – Must Have In Your Pantry

Starting and maintaining a vegan lifestyle can be a bit challenging especially if you don’t know what food to eat.

It can also be challenging especially when you aren’t surrounded by the best food choices that don’t suit your lifestyle.

However, if you are eager to keep up with this lifestyle and want to stand by your beliefs, try a cruelty-free life by starting to store vegan pantry staples.

Reinvent dishes like pastas for special occasions or discover new snacks that you never thought are plant-based in your storage.

Getting to know the staples for your pantry will help you make your own meals and make sure that you only use cruelty-free ingredients as well as fruits and vegetables.

This will make your diet a lot easier to maintain and you will always have a lot of healthy options available. So, to get started, the following are some of the staples that your vegan pantry should have:



Whole Grains

Stock whole grains in your pantry like quinoa, brown rice, barley, oat bran and oats.

These are great sources of protein, amino acids, and carbohydrates.

You can make use of these for different recipes and create a filling/healthy meal quickly.


Description: This organic quinoa, can be used for cold or hot recipes and can be an alternative for rice.

Be more creative with the meals you make and still make sure that it’s healthy with adding quinoa when preparing.

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Brown Rice

Description: To keep up with your new lifestyle, make sure that you store brown rice as one of the main grains in your kitchen.

Cook and eat it as is or you can also add them to any dish that requires rice in the recipe.

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Description:An excellent source of daily fiber, barley is among the important grains that you can stock in your home.

Get to benefit from this grain by creating a pilaf, pudding, mushroom barley soup, or a healthy breakfast cereal alternative.

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Description: This product is gluten and kosher-free oats are great way to start your mornings.

You’ll definitely love this as the oats are organically grown and harvested on fields for oats only.

Add this to your diet and get all the benefits of healthy fibers every day.

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Oat Bran

Description: The product shown is non-GMO and is organically grown.

It is necessary that you include oat bran as a part of your diet as it helps in increasing your protein and fiber intake.

You can add this to your baked goods and make sure that you get all its benefits.

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Canned or dry beans, lentils, legumes and peas, you should have all of them in your kitchen.

There are a lot of recipes where you can use them like soups, bean burgers, rice bowls, and more.

With this staple in your pantry you can have more meal options.

You can even make your own creations to share with guests or the entire family.



Description: Make a new source of protein with beans.

It is great in soups and other dishes.

Incorporate beans to any dish and create easy yet filling meal anytime.

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Description: Product shown is all natural and USDA organic.

What makes this an important part of your diet is that it is also a good source of iron and protein.

Use it in different recipes and be able to get your daily protein boost with these beans.

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Description: The product shown is made of 100% natural peas and freeze-fried.

What makes these important is that there are a lot of recipes where you can add them.

Adding this to your stocks is one way of slowly but surely keeping up with your healthier lifestyle.

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There are a lot of vegan oils meant for cooking that you can keep in your pantry.

The following are some options you can try:




Coconut Oil

Description: Aside from this versatile coconut oil, you can also turn to olive oil or grape seed oil.

It’s best that you use unrefined or extra virgin versions to enjoy the natural flavor and aroma of these oils in your dishes.

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Olive Oil

Description: A healthier and a more cruelty-free way of cooking is through the use of plant-based oils just like the extra virgin olive oil product here.

Aside from the fact that it is cruelty-free, it also adds a distinct flavor to your dishes that makes it more special.

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Grapeseed Oil

Description: Aside from being popularly used as an all-natural skin moisturizer, there are available grapeseed oil meant for cooking.

This particular product shown is great for cooking dishes with the need for medium to high heat.

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There are a lot of vegan condiments that you can actually put in your pantry.

This group may include but are not limited to mayo, soy sauce, mustard, tahini paste, hot sauce, and various types of vinegar such as rice, wine, balsamic, and apples cider with the mother.

You just have to make sure that everything is made without the use of animal by-products and you’re good to go.

Vegan Mayo

Description: This mayonnaise can be used for salads or as spreads.

Get to enjoy the same taste but is animal cruelty-free.

Since it has reduced fat, you can make sure that it healthier and is more guilt free to consume even on a daily basis.

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Soy Sauce

Description: Enjoy authentic Asian taste with every dish you prepare with this variant of soy sauce.

It enhances the flavor of every dish and is best for almost any sauted or stir-fry type of dishes.

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Description: Among the popular condiments that you should not forget is mustard.

Product shown is made out of organic ingredients and is a great addition in the kitchen.

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Tahini Paste

Description: This tahini paste or butter is made out of unhulled sesame seeds and were stone ground.

It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and is made from organic sesame seeds.

This is best used for making Baba Ghanoush or hummus. You can also eat it as is or add it to your smoothie, mix in your dip and more.

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Hot Sauce

Description: This soy sauce is made with no preservatives, transfat, sugar, cholesterol, nitrates, or xanthum gum.

It is infused with ginger, turmeric, black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, habaneros chillis, salt, and vineagar to be the healthiest hot sauce available.

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Coconut Vinegar

Description: This product is 100% organic is a great alternative for apple cider vinegar.

What makes this a great vinegar option is that it is low glycemic and is a great source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids.

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Rice Vinegar

Description: Another vinegar option is rice vinegar. This is naturally sweet and is best added to a lot of dishes.

It can be used as a special ingredient for a marinade or dip. Sometimes, it can be used for dressing and soups.

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Red Wine Vinegar

Description: Made from 100% natural grapes, this red wine vinegar is great for a lot of dishes to add distinct flavor.

This is another healthier option for a vinegar to add in your staples in the kitchen.

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White Wine Vinegar

Description: Enjoy the natural goodness of white wine vinegar in any dish with the product shown.

You’ll love how you can enhance the flavor of anything you’d like to prepare from salads to meat dishes.

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Balsamic Vinegar

Description: A favorite addition in many salad dressings, your kitchen shouldn’t miss having a space for a bottle of balsamic vinegar.

You can mix it in any recipe or make it a part of beautiful plating that can also enhance the flavor of the dish.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Description: Apple cider vinegar with the mother is touted as the healthiest type of vinegar with a lot of uses.

From cooking to treating different ailments, this vinegar is another great option to store in your kitchen for any possible use in the future.

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Vegan sweeteners are easy to find.

You can use good old maple syrup you always have at home, date sugar or syrup, molasses, coconut sugar, agave nectar,and fruit jam.

Most likely, you’d be storing only the type of sweeteners that you think you’ll be using for most of your recipes or meals.




Agave Nectar

Description: This agave nectar is a great alternative for other sweeteners.

It is made from organic ingredients.

Make it a part of your every day meals and let your sweet tooth enjoy without the guilt.

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Maple Syrup

Description: Enjoy the pure and strong maple taste with this syrup that you can pour over pancakes or add in any baked goods.

The product shown is grade A dark syrup, which is known for its richer flavor than the light syrup.

Though you get to choose whether you want a light or dark syrup, preferring a dark syrup enables you to enjoy a more real maple flavor in your food.

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Date Sugar

Description: If you’re looking for a natural sweetener then keeping a pack of date sugar can work magic.

You get the pure sweetness of dates since it is made from dried dates that were finely chopped.

No processing was made so you get only real date sweetness on your food.

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Description: Organic molasses are known to provide iron and calcium and provide a natural sweet flavor.

This is made from pure non-GMO sugar cane and is rich in vitamin B6 as well as potassium.

You can add it to baked goods, marinades, or BBQ sauces.

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Coconut Sugar

Description: When it comes to natural, unrefined and low glycemic sweeteners, then coconut sugar is exactly what you need.

It is best used for beverages and baked goods.

This is a great alternative for brown sugar.

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Fruit Jam

Description: What makes fruit jams great alternatives as a sweetener is the fact that you can make sure that all the ingredients are natural or organic.

Just like the product shown, it is made from 100% fruits.

This allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness and goodness of fruits whenever you cook.

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What makes storing seeds in your pantry important is that you can add them to almost any meals and add a hint of unique flavors in them.

Storing seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, and chias can all be added in different dishes that you like.

You can be more experimental when it comes to dishes you prepare with adding new ingredients every time you cook.

Get to choose whether to get separate containers of these seeds or get a mixed version like this one.



Mixed Raw Seeds

Description: These mixed raw seeds are best to include if you don’t want to store separate containers for seeds.

Add these in your stash to get all the nutrients from different seeds in one pack.

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Sunflower Seeds

Description: Additional seeds you can store in your kitchen is a pack of sunflower seeds.

You can munch on these after you roast them or you can add them to your favorite baked goods.

These seeds are great sources of essential vitamins and minerals to improve your health.

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Pumpkin Seeds

Description: As alternatives for sunflower seeds, if you don’t like them, are pumpkin seeds.

These are organically grown to ensure that no chemicals are present while you enjoy them.

You can roast them and eat them without flavorings or add some to your liking.

If you don’t have time for preparing, you can get store-bought options like the product shown for your convenience.

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Hemp Seeds

Description: Enjoy hemp seeds in different ways like sprinkling them of your salad, yogurt or cereal.

This is a good source of omega 3 in addition to your fresh fish.

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Description: Considered as a versatile super seed, you’d definitely want to add this to your staples in the kitchen.

Get to absorb omega 3 and fiber by simply adding these seeds to your diet.

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Nuts are great snacks that you and the entire family would love to munch on.

You can store separate containers of delicious and nutritious nuts like pecans, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and cashews.

Add them to any meal or eat them as is. You can store them raw or dry roasted.




Dry Roasted Nuts

Description: One way to make buying and storing a variety of nuts is by getting a set of mixed nuts.

With the product shown, it is mixed variety but are organized separately for easy identification of nuts.

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Description: Among the favorite nuts you shouldn’t miss adding to your pantry stock are pecans.

These are great source of fiber and can be used for baked goods.

Add this to your diet and get low fat and cholesterol snacks always ready.

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Description: Another popular nut that you should store in your kitchen is walnuts.

Add them to your casseroles, salads, desserts, and even to your breakfast foods.

They are best prepared when toasted or roasted, but can also be eaten raw.

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Description:  If you’re looking for extra sources of protein and fiber, then almonds are for you.

You can use these to make fresh nut milks or munch on them as snacks at home or even at work.

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Description: In addition to the above mentioned nuts, don’t forget to add pistachios to your stash.

These nuts are great sources of fiber and protein.

Prepare them by roasting and adding some flavor with a dash of salt.

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Description: These are among the popular nuts that you might want to add in your stash.

Add them to any dish or you can also eat them as snacks.

Make cashews alternatives for chips and other unhealthy snacks you’ve been eating.

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Dried Fruits

Description: Aside from eating dried fruits as snacks, these can also be used in making muesli or granola bars.

If you love baking, these are great sweeteners and flavor enhancers you can add.

It all takes a touch of creativity to make use of these fruits in your meals daily.

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Nut Milk

Description: Whether you make your own or choose store-bought nut milks, it is only necessary that you have them in your pantry.

The most popular type of nut milk is almond milk. You can make your own stash of almond milk or you can also choose to get store-bought options.

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Description: There are many who assume that vegans eat bland tasting foods.

For some it may be true, but since you can prepare your own meals, why not add in spices that’ll make your dishes flavorful.

Try this spice set and get to enjoy any meals without compromising the taste.

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These are just a few of the items that you can store in your pantry and use when preparing different dishes.

You can start with storing a few items and then add one or more items at a time. As you take on the vegan life, you’ll get to know more of the surprising food items that you need the most and stock more of these in the future.

If you want to add something in our list, do share it with us on the comment section below!

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