Vegan Christmas Presents And Holiday Gift Ideas For 2018


If you’re wondering what to buy a vegan for their birthday, Christmas or for a surprise we have a comprehensive list of best gifts for vegans in 2018.

We found the best organic vegan gift baskets, gifts for cook, funny and cool vegan gifts.

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What Makes a Gift Vegan?

Compassion, understanding, a love and knowledge for all things good for the animals, our health, and Mother Earth create the best gifts!  And what would be wrong with that? It’s never been a better time to go vegan.  Options are endless as the world is waking up to the latest trend, the movement that is here, now, and going to stay!

Veganism is a multi-faceted lifestyle. Not only concerned with the food that they eat, vegans look to “veganize” as much of their life as possible. So naturally, that extends to the things they buy, including gifts for others.

Most people find it difficult to look for items suitable for someone with a plant-based lifestyle. No one wants to offend someone with their gifts, so, it is only essential that you exert a little more effort in finding something that they’d like or use.

The advantage of veganism is that there are definitely countless items that are free from animal by-products that you can give as gifts just like the ones we’ve included in the list below.


At the moment, animal products rule our cultures and their by-products are used in most items. Purchasing animal products promotes animal cruelty.

Fur, leather, and gelatin are infused in many products, but these are obvious uses.  What about glue?

Yes, glue is still manufactured from animal parts and is used in woodworking, crafts, and even packaging.

What many people might not know is that animal products sneak into many gifts that we assume are vegan.

Planning ahead with cruelty free safe bets from practical vegan gifts to luxurious vegan gift giving ideas ensures happiness for the purchaser and receiver.  The animals will thank you too.

Vegan gift giving is a perfect way to showcase that not only do you care for the gift recipient, but that you extend that generosity to the animals and the planet at the same time.

If you have any other great ideas please let us know in the comments section below!

Organic Vegan Gift Baskets

Food Gifts For Vegans

Description: Perfect to give as gifts for those who are looking for new vegan snacks to try.

These snack gift boxes come with a great variety of organic no GMO pure green protein, fruit snacks, pastas, popcorn, nuts, chickpeas, spreads, chips and CHOCOLATE!

As they have a lot of variety they are the perfect present for even the most fussiest of eaters.

Each box comes with a cool outline of everything that is included.

The box also has a green tea energy drink made with cane and coconut sugar.

Garuda International

This fair trade vegan gift basket is 100% organic and is full of delicious treats and snacks.

They have a big variety to choose from including chocolate, gluten free, tea/coffee, SPA gifts and gift certificates.

Our pick is the ‘cookie sampler’ gift basket as it is reasonably priced and would be fun comparing the variety of cookies mmmmm..

All these items come with free shipping so you can get it delivered right to your door!

Vegan Gift Basket

Nakd Bars Variety Pack

Description: Delicious vegan go-to snacks and treats great for kids and the entire family.

These healthy treats come in a variety of different flavors including Berry Delight, Cacao Orange, Peanut Butter Delight, Cashew Cookie, Bakewell Tart and Cacao Coconut..yumm!

Bear Naked Cacao Plus Cashew Butter Granola

Description: Give a granola-loving friend or family a new option with gifting them this gluten and dairy-free granola pack.

This delicious pack contains Cacao and cashew butter which is an amazing combination of flavor and vegan would love!

Vegan Cookbooks

Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

Description: An “in your face”, to the point, hilarious way to eat healthy with quick and easy to prepare recipes.  No wonder it’s one of the most popular plant-based cookbooks of all time. It’s just as fun to read as it is to prepare the recipes.  F$ck Yeah!

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

Description:  A great cookbook for starters or even long-time vegans! Easy delicious meals using store bought ingredients making vegan so simple, even a stoner can follow.

Cookbook for Egg-Free Recipes

Description: Egg-free recipes from sweet to savory and everything in between.  Aquafaba will blow you away and change your mind about using eggs ever again.

Gifts For Vegan Cooks

Aicok Kitchen Knife Set

Description: Professional High Quality German built knife and block set.  A precision crafted top cutlery set with a lifetime warranty program. Fantastic bargain for your money.  A steal at this price!

Magnetic Spice Rack

Description: A beautiful, convenient, and colorful addition to anyone’s kitchen. This interesting magnetic spice rack of 24 individual containers can be configured anywhere and just how you want them.

Kitchen Appliances/Equipment

Vegetable Spiralizer

Description: World cuisine 6 blade stainless steel vegetable slicer/spiralizer.

Counter mounted with suction cups makes it sturdy, efficient and keeps it in place.

Super tough even on root vegetables.  Handy options, healthy gluten free noodles, quality workmanship.

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

Description: A 7-in-1 multi-use cooker. Pressure cooker, yogurt maker, steamer,slow cooker, instant pot, warmer, and saute/browner all in one.

It’s safe, convenient, and dependable! This energy efficient appliance has delayed cook settings, an automatic keep-warm and 14 built in programs.

A 3-ply bottom stainless steel  cooking pot and steam rack make this multi-use cooker kitchen friendly.  Recipes included!

Yonanas 902 Classic Original Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker

Description: Create easy healthy frozen desserts with this soft serve machine.

Impress your friends and family with delicious fruit ice cream made from REAL frozen fruit.

It’s simple to use and easy to clean which makes saves you time avoiding a messy clean up. All the fittings are dishwasher safe too.

Electric Air Fryer

Description: Easy to use, this Simple Chef air fryer has a world class design, is 100% BPA free and has state of the art components.

Air circulating technology creates delicious, tender, healthy meals with no added oil. 

From potatoes to spring rolls to cakes, this high quality appliance delivers satisfaction guaranteed!

NutriBullet High-Speed Blender

Description: A great gift option for those starting with the vegan lifestyle to create healthy smoothies or shakes for one or the whole family.

Soymilk and Nut Milk Maker

Description: Give this as a gift to a family who likes drinking nut milks, soymilks and other raw nut milks.

Infuser Water Bottles

Description: Great gift for a family wanting to shift from unhealthy beverages to healthier options.

Pyramid Tea Infuser

Description: Soothing herbal tea of sun golden Egyptian Chamomile blossoms and rose hips, infused with lemongrass and mint.

These 20 handcrafted Pyramid tea infusers are luxuriously wrapped in gold foil after being handpicked from small gardens.

These whole leaf teas are dedicated to sustainability, quality, and taste.

Mason Salad Jar with Dressing Holder

Description: What a perfect friend for your lunch!  No more soggy salads. You decide when the dressing is included. This combo of a 34 oz glass jar with a separate dressing compartment is just brilliant.  It’s not only convenient, but it’s durable, leak-proof, lightweight, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.  Salad just got a whole lot better!

Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Description:  An elegant LCD advanced touch sensitive scale with a  tempered glass surface.

Four times stronger than normal glass. Accurate dimensions from .05 oz to 12 lbs. (1 gram to 5750 grams).

Internationally friendly with settings for pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces.  2 lithium batteries included for long life.  A must have for all vegan cooks!

Indoor/Countertop Planters/Sprouters

Indoor Gardening Kit

Description: Indooor garden all year long with over 40 selections of culinary herbs and fruits.

Hassle free installation and maintenance. Just drop in pre-selected plant cartridges, fill with water, plug in and you’re done.

Smart soil technology, LED lighting, and a self watering tank do all the work for you.  100% replacement warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. Basil included free with your order.

Indoor Wheatgrass Growing Set

Description: Plant an amazing wheat grass indoor garden in a stylish acrylic tray.

Everything you need is included; BPA free attractive tray, spray bottle, fiber soil, and organic wheatgrass for you and/or your pets.

Wheat grass produces super health benefits. Convenient refill kits are a one click order. So easy, it only takes 10 minutes to plant and 10 days to grow. Check out our accessories.

Two-Tiered Seed Sprouter

Description: An affordable, easy to grow, nutritious seed sprouter. 

Multi-tiered, easily stacked, and ready to eat in 2-7 days.

Sprout different seeds at the same time.  Just set it out on your counter year around.

Health and Wellness

Resistance Bands Set

Description: A great workout gift set for men who love to workout at home or inside their hotel rooms when traveling.

Yoga Starter Kit

Description: Start enjoying the benefits of yoga by doing it together.

Gift him this Yoga starter kit and get started with a new activity to a healthier mind and body.

Gym Drawstring Bag

Description: Gift him a new vegan-friendly and cruelty-free gym drawstring bag made of cotton canvas and PU leather.

For the Family

Vegan Skin Pampering Set

Description: A skin pampering set made of skin nourishing oils that the entire family can use.

Scented Soy Candles

Description: Pick all-natural fragrances that the entire family will love with these scented soy candles in concrete pots.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Description: Essential oil diffusers are great gift items for families to enjoy humidified, purified, and relaxing air indoors.

Best Vegan Gifts

Wake-Up Light

Description: Whether you have a friend who always wakes up late or troubled of waking up kids early, this wake-up light mimicking sunrise is definitely a great gift.

Bamboo Toothbrush Set

Description: Let the people you love embrace the vegan lifestyle in a more personal way with this bamboo toothbrush set.

Funny Vegan Gifts

Button Pins

Description: A simple gift idea of supporting the vegan lifestyle is giving a set of vegan button pins that the receiver and other friends can wear.

Set of Don’t Eat Animals Button Pins

Description: A great way to support vegans is giving these button pins as gifts for friends and family.

With classic quotes like, ‘leave my tits alone’ Not your Mom not your milk’ and I’m not a nugget’ these button pins have a great positive message.


Cute/Funny Vegan Shirts

Description: Another way to lightly and cutely show your support to the vegan lifestyle is giving cute/funny vegan shirts

Materials: 100% cotton on solid colors or combination of cotton- polyester on heathers.

I Want TOFU Tonight

Description: Do you need to read it again? I want TOFU tonight (and every night!)

Materials: 100% cotton on solid colors or combination of polyester, cotton on heathers.


Vegan AF

Description: A perfect vegan gift for everyone who wants to slightly take his or her vegan lifestyle to another level at home or at their workplace.

Funny Vegetables Protest Ceramic

Description: Another funny ceramic mug gift where cute vegetables are showing protests against vegans.

Romaine Calm Lettuce Carrot on Keep Calm

Description: A witty way to embrace the vegan lifestyle is giving this coffee mug as a gift to family and friends.

“I’m Vegan, You’re An Asshole”

Description: Express yourself or make everyone smile by giving this simple yet funny mug.

I Am Still a Vegan Kitchen Cooking Apron

Description: A funny vegan inspired gift for family, friends or for yourself.

You can’t go wrong buying something from this list but if you are looking for other vegan gift ideas check out our other posts on Vegan Product Finda for ideas.