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What Are Vegan Condoms Made Of?

Most condoms aren’t vegan as they are processed with casein which is found in milk. Some are made with lamb intestine which is totally unnecessary. There is no need to buy condoms which aren’t cruelty free when you can choose the vegan option. As you can see below there are a lot of great options for fun in the sack without hurting anyone.

However, vegan condoms are made from natural rubber latex which is a plant based alternative found in rubber trees. There is no difference in quality or performance so try out some of the options below.

The pros of plant-based lifestyle are that you are able to protect animals and even the environment in the smallest way you can. These condoms fit and feel great. Our mission is to test and provide feedback on each of the condom brands below. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it! If you have tried any of these please comment below and tell us of your experience.

You don’t have to be too graphic if you don’t want but we will appreciate any feedback;)

Sir Richard’s Condoms

Ultra Thin

Description: Enjoy an almost skin-to-skin sensation with these ultra thin condoms from Sir Richard’s. They are made from natural latex and free from chemicals that can cause side effects or allergic reactions. This is a great way to be as intimate as possible with your partner when having sex. Material: All-natural latex, free of parabens, glycerin, spermicide, and odor, PETA approved Click here for price

Classic Ribbed

Description: There is no sexier way to enjoy intimate times together than giving the experience a little spice. This pack of ribbed condoms will give more stimulation and sensation to your partner. Unlike the classic ones, these will make your intimate times more exciting. Material: 100% natural latex, chemical-free, PETA approved, vegan certified Click here for price

Extra Large

Description: A pack meant for men that are well endowed. Be prepared anytime for some sexy action by having a box always ready in you and your partner’s room. Material: All-natural latex, free of chemicals, PETA approved, vegan certified Click here for price

Pleasure Dots

Description: If you are not a fan of the ribbed variant, you can try these dotted condoms instead. Enjoy a highly stimulating and exciting action in bed with this option. Material: 100% natural latex, chemical-free, Vegan certified, PETA approved Click here for price


Organic Wildberry (Medium Fit) 4-Pack

Description: Strong, ultra-thin, and extra silky, these are what you should expect with these condoms. They are body friendly and sustainably made. Included in the box is a size that fits most men and each is organically flavored. Material: Natural rubber latex, organically derived flavor extracts, no sugar and chemicals Click here for price

Ultra Thin Premium

Description: This standard-fit ultra thin version from Glyde is best for those who’d like to experience safe sex but without too much discomfort. When using these you can’t easily tell if you’re wearing condoms or not since they have ultra thin sheaths. You and your partner will surely love this. Material: Natural rubber latex, ethical, and fair trade certified Click here for price


Description: Glyde Maxi is a set of large-sized condoms that offer comfort without compromising performance. They are lightly lubricated and have no latex smell, which will all help you to stay in the mood. Material: Natural latex derived from thistle and rubber, body-friendly formula, CE and FDA approved Click here for price


Ultra Thin Non-Toxic Lubricated Latex

Description: This is a great alternative for condoms that affect the health of women. When using these you can be assured that they are free of harsh chemicals and are made from all-natural materials. They are lubricated and are ultra-thin for you and your partner to experience higher level of intimacy. Material: Fair trade, non-GMO, and sustainable materials, free of nitrosamines and low odor, FDA approved Click here for price



Ultra Thin

Description: Get to enjoy sex at a new level by using condoms that offer protection while ensuring comfort. These ultra thing ones won’t make you feel like you’re wearing anything. You and your partner will get to enjoy every minute without allergic reactions as this is all-natural latex and free from chemicals. Material: Vegan certified, cruelty-free, natural latex, 100% free from parabens, glycerin Click here for price


Description: These classic condoms are made even better as these are unscented, have an extended bulb, and are lubricated. All of these improvements are made to take your experience in using classic condoms to a whole new level. Material: Natural latex, low latex scent, paraben and glycerin free Click here for price


Description: For the well endowed, these large premium condoms are sure to fit perfectly. Every condom is lubricated for ease of use and make your experience more pleasurable. Material: Free of N9, glycerin, and paraben, vegan certified and cruelty free natural latex Click here for price

B Condoms

Classic Lubricated

Description: Experience enhanced sensitivity and sensation when using these standard sized condoms. You’ll experience a more natural feel without putting your woman’s health at risk. Material: Finest latex, FDA approved Click here for price


Platinum Extra Large

Description: Larger men who’d like condoms with comfort fit should try this. They are lubricated to enjoy extreme pleasure. Each condom is ultra-thin to experience a more natural sensation every time you use a one. Material: 100% thin premium latex, FDA approved Click here for price


6-Pcs Slim Trial Pack

Description: Get to try this trial pack of 6 condoms from My.Size. The variety pack lets you know what color has the best size to fit you. Learn your size with the Unique measuring tape included in the pack. Material: 100% all natural latex, CE approved Click here for price

60Mm Condoms

Description: This pack of 10 is the 3rd biggest size available. Experience a natural yet safe feeling when using these condoms. Since they will fit you perfectly, you can focus more with your partner instead of your condom slipping while in action. Material: 100% all natural latex, CE approved Click here for price


Lelo Hex Respect XL

Description: Larger sized condoms best for those with wider girth. Revolutionized condoms to attain thinnest possible wrap while keeping it strong. Also made with hexagonal structure to achieve impressive strength. Material: Natural latex, slightly lubricated Click here for price



Zioxx Water Based Lubricants Vegan Passion Condom

Description: Set of 2 boxes, these condoms have water-based lubricants.

They are made safer for users as they come from natural chemical free products. These are softer and are better alternative than normal condoms.

Material: Natural latex Click here for price  



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