Vegan Dress Shoes

Your daily outfit will never be complete without the right pair of dress shoes. If you’re looking for vegan alternatives that can suit your lifestyle, then worry no more as we’ve compiled the top choices you can choose from.

As you can see below there are some GREAT styles to choose from. The list includes some of the most durable and handsome shoes that are perfect for professional men and women. All of these can be worn for work or a night out while looking stylish.

If you want options that are not too formal yet are more comfortable formal shoes great for both formal and casual events can be found here.

To get started check out the list below:




Kenneth Cole Unlisted 30134 Slip-on Loafer

Description: Get the ease of preparing for a busy work day by getting these slip-on shoes.

These are perfect to be paired with slacks or with your jeans.

They offer breathable space that makes them comfortable.

Kenneth Cole has been fur-free since 2007 and is a brand known for their years of unwavering social responsibility.

The company is renowned for raising awareness of important advocacies through their impactful international ad campaigns and philanthropic activities.

Aside from being known for their ethical/fair trade products, the brand’s advocacies make it among the trusted and popular brands in their line of business.

Materials: Full faux leather

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Giraldi Parker Mens Fashion Derby Shoes

Description: Avoid the hassle of feeling uncomfortable on your shoes during a long day with wearing these.

Get to wear something really elegant while keeping your entire feet comfortable.

Make sure you wear it with a matching belt to get a more stunning look.

Checking products from Giraldi on Amazon and you’ll see that all are passionately crafted and are made of faux leather.

Materials: Pleather and sole is made of rubber

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Will’s City Oxfords

Description: If you want a breathable and water resistant pair of dress shoes, then these are the perfect pair.

These carefully crafted shoes are sure to meet the quality you need and make you look completely stylish from morning till you go home.

To provide high street styled human and animal friendly shoes at lower prices, this is the main purpose of Wills Vegan Shoe.

You can get highly fashionable shoes and accessories from the brand that bridge the everyday needs of people with ethically manufactured items.

Materials: Microfiber, latex Insoles

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Dr. Martens Unisex 1461

Description: enjoy the classic designs of Dr. Martens with these vegan shoes.

These are air-cushioned and offer utmost comfort.

Pair these with your usual slacks for work or jeans when casually going out.

Though known to produce leather products, Dr. Martens has a specific line of ethically-made shoes.

All of these products provide the same quality and comfort as other Dr. Martens items but are free from animal by-products.

Materials: Cambridge brush, synthetic sole

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BraveGentleman Visionary Boot

Description: Wearing a shoe that is formal and as rugged as a hiking boot like these can be a great challenge. You could almost go hiking in these stylish boots.

However, you can still achieve a formal look despite the weather with getting these boots.

These are classy and are durable enough to withstand varying weather conditions.

This brand focuses on slow yet ethical and sustainable innovation when it comes to creating their products.

They make sure that the methods are completely cruelty-free and use only superior vegan materials without compromising style and quality.

Materials: Italian microfiber

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Good Guys AYITA Beige

Description: Another option for a formal pair of boots is the Ayita from Good Guys.

These boots have vegan suede finish and a red rubber sole.

Ensure comfort and secure fit with the lace up feature.

Winning the Best Vegan Shoes 2017 from Peta Award, this alone can prove the efforts and goals of the brand in providing only cruelty-free made shoes.

Designs are made in Paris while manufacturing process is in Portugal within sweatshop free and healthy working environment.

Materials: Vegan suede

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Will’s Chelsea Boots

Description: These Chelsea boots are sure to give you a formal yet stylish look once you wear them.

It is water resistant, durable and breathable.

These are great for those who are looking for a more laid back design yet exude an elegant look.

Wills Vegan Shoes are renowned for their ethically made shoes that match high street styles.

Get passionately and ethically made shoes that don’t go out of the trends.

Materials: Micro leather uppers, breathable linings, cushioned insoles

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Novacas Antonio

Description: These shoes are best worn with a tux or suit.

If you’re attending a special meeting with investors or want to impress a client, then you should wear these to make a lasting professional impression.

Novacas is a house brand of MooShoes and is the Spanish translation of No Cow.

With that said, the shoes from the brand are made under ethical standards and are manufactured in worker-friendly environment.

Materials: Microfiber faux leather, composite sole

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Kenneth Cole Unlisted String Along Slip-On Loafer

Description: These are for those wanting a simpler design for slip-on shoes.

You can basically wear this at work or even during night outs without compromising comfort.

If a plant-based lifestyle is what you want to live by, Kenneth Cole is a brand that you should trust create an ethical stash of clothing and accessories.

The brand is renowned for their social responsibility, active participation on spreading awareness to socially-related advocacies.

Materials: Vegan leather

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Dexter Crosby Bit Slip-On

Description: Dress shoes shouldn’t always be expensive.

You can get these shows while getting a professional profile whenever you wear these.

Wear it with your jeans or slacks, these shoes are great alternatives.

Most shoes under the Dexter brand are made from synthetic materials, which make it a great alternative for those searching for vegan dress shoes or other types of shoes.

Materials: Synthetic leather, memory foam

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Beyond Skin Gwyneth Stilettos

Description: These elegant stilettos are sure to match any outfit you’d wear for special occasions or when going to work.

Look your best when attending client meetings or attending special events with simply wearing these simple yet elegant pair of shoes.

Beyond Skin is known to provide 100% vegan shoes for both men and women.

They carefully check the smallest details in making cruelty-free and genuinely non-leather footwear that are handmade in Spain.

You can never go wrong with this brand as many celebrities wear the brand.

Materials: Vegan suede, plant-based coated PU leather lining

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Susi Studio Miss Mary

Description: These high heels are best worn when attending special occasions either with friends, family, or work.

You can effortlessly look stunning wearing these shoes.

The design is a combination of 60s classic and 21st century that women from different ages will love.

Another 100% cruelty-free brand, Susi Studio is known to provide sustainable footwear.

The brand aims to make conscious and stunning footwear that are made from wide range of non-leather materials.

Materials: Recycled microsuede and rubber

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Cri de Coeur Gwendolyn Pump

Description: These snake-embossed pumps allow you to flaunt exotic looking footwear on any occasion without the guilt.

Each pair is made with faux leather and is hand crafted to make sure that every finished product is cruelty-free.

Cri de Coeur is widely known for being one of the popular manufacturers of luxurious high-quality ethically made shoes.

Many celebrities wore some of their shoes. The brand uses materials with most low-impact that allows them to create compassionate and contemporary footwear.

Materials: Snake embossed faux leather

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Will’s Vegan Shoes Smart Courts Black

Description: Getting a professional look is definitely effortless when you get these shoes from Will’s.

These boast a professional and stunning look that would look good in slacks or skirts.

Will’s is widely renowned for their passion in creating highly stylish yet sustainable footwear for everyday people.

Despite the many considerations regarding meeting ethical standards in manufacturing, the comfort of every pair of footwear is never compromised.

Materials: Super soft faux leather microfiber, soft lining

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Noah Linda Suede

Description: The classy color combination of these shoes makes it great not only for professional attires but with casual outfits as well.

These head turner shoes are sure to be your next favorite in your stash once you figure out how versatile it is when paired with different outfits.

Being a socially responsible brand, Noah plays a pioneer role in creating ethical, sustainable, and fashionable footwear that meets both ethical values and high quality design.

Materials: Soft microsuede, black patent leather toe

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Olsenhaus Classic Black

Description: This classic pair of dress shoes made with cruelty-free materials from Olsenhaus is something you’d love to wear everyday to work.

It is comfortable and elegant.

Olsenhaus offers pure vegan footwear as the owner is an advocate against using animals for entertainment, experimentation, clothing and food.

The brand signifies that greed, plundering, and cruelty are not tantamount to true style.

Materials: Faux suede/faux leather, composite sole

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BC Set Me Free Crochet

Description: Going to work in style is never impossible with these pair of shoes.

Show off your fashionable side while still exuding a professional look.

BC or Born in California offers 100% anima-free footwear. This is their part in minimizing animal suffering.

Aside from letting their components go through PETA certification, they make sure that style and comfort are never compromised.

Materials: Crocheted upper, manmade materials

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Stella McCartney Gray Woven Pumps

Description: These shoes are stunning to look at and are comfortable to wear.

You’d love to wear these all day and stay as stylish as possible from one meeting to another.

Being known as the first vegetarian luxury brand, Stella McCartney definitely deserves a place on this list.

The brand claims to not use, fur, skins, feathers, and leather on their products licensed and collaborations.

Materials: Polyester alter-nappa

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Neuaura Nira Pump

Description: If you want another classy pair of pumps for work or even for your casual night outs, these shoes are for you.

They are made with non-skid rubber sole, cushioned insole and sustainable materials that provides guilt-free comfort for your feet all day.

Neuaura is focused on the use of non-animal materials that creates minimal impact to the environment.

A part of the net sales from the brand are donated to support advocacies that protect the wildlife and the planet.

Materials: Non-skid sole, sustainable materials

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Nemanti Moneglia

Description: Exude your professional and sexy look whenever you wear these sandals.

Match them with any outfit and you’ll never have to worry about picking another pair to go with your outfit.

An Italian luxury brand offering ethically-made shoes, Nemanti (formerly Opificio V) offers long wearing and stylish pieces of footwear.

The brand is passionate in minimizing the effects of their products to the animals, environment and the people by not using any animal-by products

They have also garnered the highest ethical rating from LAV and PETA as a vegan brand.

Materials: Alcantara breathable lining, black vegan leather

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Whether you’re in search for a pair of shoes you’d be wearing daily for work or only for important occasions, we got you covered. For the ladies, a pair of cruelty free flats is a great alternative for pumps or heels.

Do you have a pair that you want to be included in our list? Feel free to comment below!

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