Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Mid Neoshell Review

By Jacqueline Zalace

Think about the last time you went hiking. What shoes did you wear? Were you wearing a nice pair of hiking shoes, or did you settle for any old pair you could find? I’ve definitely grabbed the pair closest to me and headed out the door (how in the world did I do any physical activity wearing Vans in high school?).


To help you with your search for the perfect pair of trail running shoes, I’ve compared reviews across several different online websites, as well as individual review posts on blogs. Before you make your big decision on which pair of shoes is right for you, check out the reviews on the zAltra Lone Peak 3.0 Mid Neoshell Trail Running Shoe below!

Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Overview


  • 100% Vegan, Synthetic Material
  • Mesh Sidings for breathability
  • Dual A-Bound™; recycled material meant to reduce your impact while running and providing you with more protection
  • StoneGuard™; a layer in the middle of your shoe that absorbs bumps from running over rocks
  • Layered EVA Midsole; this is basically a foam like midsole that helps create an extra layer of comfort and support.

Video Reviews:

Check out this video if you want an in-depth video review of the Lone Peak 3.0. The YouTuber is located in Norway and inspects the shoes in terms of how long they can take you in extreme weather.


  • Water Resistant, great for any outdoor run that gets a little wet. Remember that there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant though. Because they are not fully waterproof, try not to get them really wet for long periods of time. A bit of rain should be okay but steer clear of puddles and long rainstorms.
  • Reviewers across multiple platforms agree that these running shoes are incredibly comfortable. They don’t constrict your foot, but still provide enough support for running.
  • These shoes provide support, even to damaged feet. One reviewer explains how their feet are not in the best shape, but these shoes help them run again without feeling pain. The sole is thick, so you will feel comfortable without feeling every bump underneath your feet.
  • Men’s and Women’s options are available. Some women shoppers bought the men’s version; there are little style differences and the men’s pair is a little more comfortable. The shoes don’t look noticeably different so feel free to buy a men’s pair, even if you typically wear women’s options.
  • There is good grip on the bottom of these shoes, as well as built-in to the sole so your socks won’t slide around. This is incredibly important for hiking over rocks and steep paths. You don’t want one wrong step with no grip to knock you down, and the Lone Peak 3.0 help with that.
  • While not specifically marketed for climbing, these can be a great addition to any small mountain climbing trip. They can hold crampons while providing enough support and comfort.
  • They are durable, which is incredibly important to any hiking trip. A pair of shoes meant for hiking should last a while, and not give out during a few trips, or even during the middle of a single trip. A few customers claim that these are very durable, taking them through many trips.
  • The high top for additional ankle support is important for running trails and other terrain that isn’t completely flat. If you do plan to take these out climbing with you, this can be helpful as well.
  • While some reviews did claim that they run narrow, many agree that the toe area is very roomy. A review explained how great this feature is; they could fit their large toes and bunion in the shoe without having any pain or pressure. If your toes are a bit large compared to the rest of your foot, that’s okay!


  • A few customers write that while the shoes are water resistant, they aren’t entirely water resistant. The Lone Peak 3.0 will keep your foot dry for a little, but water will slowly make its way into the pair, leaving your foot feel wet and soggy.
  • While many customers praise the comfort level of the boots, others believe that they can be a little uncomfortable, especially when first wearing. This can be fixed by breaking them in slowly, or even wearing a thick pair of socks, so the shoes don’t rub against your feet.
  • These shoes tend to run a bit small and narrow, compared to other Altra products. Combat this by buying up a size. If you are skeptical about buying online, many outdoor goods stores sell these running shoes, so go try them on in person before buying them!
  • One reviewer claimed that these shoes are sometimes difficult to put on. They admitted that the complaint was a bit minor, but if you are looking for a shoe that you can quickly slip on and off, you should definitely consider this.


Our Verdict:

Overall, these make for a good, reliable pair of hiking shoes. On average, customers across the internet would recommend the Lone Peak 3.0. They are available on a wide range of platforms and in different colors. Remember that although they come in separate versions for men and women, customers claim that the men’s option is more comfortable and ‘snug’.

One thing to take into consideration before purchasing is the water resistance. While advertised as water resistant, the Lone Peak 3.0 has several reviewers claiming that their feet still get wet. If you are looking to take these into wet area with lots of rain, consider a different pair.

Don’t let this one detail deter you though! These shoes are definitely worth it and would be a great addition to your hiking wardrobe. Altra is a reliable company with many trail running shoes to choose from. When you buy Altra, you are buying a durable and well-built pair of shoes that you can take with you anywhere.