Vegan Loafers

Aside from regular cruelty free dress shoes, loafers are great alternatives to make your feet comfortable throughout the day. There are many fashionable ethical options that you can find for both men and women.

You can trade your formal dress shoes with these ones especially when you know that you are going to have long day at work and just want to keep your feet comfortable while not going out of style.

For other types of shoes, we have a variety of vegan shoes reviewed to meet your needs.

Below, we’ve created a list of some loafers for men and women that you can choose from:



Penny by Ahimsa

Description: A smartly crafted and great looking pair, Penny is a great option for women who are always on the go while still maintaining a classy look.

It is made from cotton and is water repellent.

Ahimsa is a brand known for creating products that puts love above all things.

They put the welfare of animals and respect the environment that makes the brand cruelty-free certified.

As much as possible they recycle whatever is left for every production to create new materials without affecting the quality of every piece.

Materials: Cotton, water-based adhesive, Biolatex covered cork for the insole.

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Ivy by Matt and Nat

Description: Ivy is a part of the Klass City Collection by Matt and Nat.

A classic looking pair, these shoes boast a simple yet sturdy feature that you can easily match with any look.

Whether for a casual or formal wear, the shoes allow you to get a chic and sophisticated look effortlessly.

Matt and Nat is among the trusted and renowned names when talking about cruelty-free brands.

The bran’s products are all inspired by the unique hues and textures of nature and to protect nature, they aim to use and practice better ways in creating products out f recycled materials.

Material: 100% polyurethane and outsole is TPR

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Aurora by Noah

Description: These shoes exude elegance like no other.

It has an almond shaped toe that effortlessly highlights every female’s slender foot.

You can pair it with any outfit without having issues in achieving a classic or chic look.

Noah is a brand known for their fashionable, high quality, and ethically made shoes.

The company is only producing limited numbers of pairs that are handcrafted.

They aim to offer footwear the combines style and quality without compromising the welfare of animals, human health, and the environment.

Material: Microsuede finish and Italian vegan leather.

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Women’s Derby by Ahimsa

Description: These Derby shoes made exclusively for women by Ahimsa offer comfort and style.

Pair it with any casual or work attire and create an effortlessly stylish look at all times.

Make these shoes a part of your fashionable and comfortable collection of casual and work shoes.

A brand prioritizing love over other things, Ahimsa is known for their unique beliefs in provoking change without the need to harm and treating the environment with respect.

They aim to provide shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and are ethically made. The company works on recycling materials and ensures that every pair is made without cruelty.

Material: Footbed is cork cushioned, sustainably derived materials

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Kate Black from Beyond Skin

Description: Made of faux leather, these shoes are great for women with a busy lifestyle but still want to look fashionable.

These are super comfortable and are easy to pair with any outfit.

It has a classic round toe and an impressive quality that is handmade in Spain.

This pair from Beyond Skin is PETA approved and is one of the beautiful shoes that are ethically and chicly made.

Beyond Skin is a company sets out a mission in bringing out the best from combining quality and style.

Material: Faux leather upper and lining and sole is made of resin.

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Waltz the Walk by Ruby Shoo

Description: If you’re looking for elegant and pretty loafers to wear with your outfits when going out with friends, these shoes are for you.

It has this unique flora brocade and faux suede portions that accentuates its overall look.

The metallic piping makes the overall look more exciting to look out and make you look forward wearing it every time.

Ruby Shoo offers wide range of footwear and bags catering to the different needs of ever girl or woman.

Though the brand is not completely vegan, they have a special line of products that are ethically made.

Material: Man-made materials, imitation suede, faux snakeskin.

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Loafers Patent Black by Will’s London

Description: A stylish pair of slip-on shoes that you can wear for casually going out with friends or when going to work.

These are water-resistant, comfortable, and breathable.

Men who like to wear something that can offer a hint of contrast with their outfit will surely make these their go-to shoes.

Will’s Vegan Shoes stands by their passion to create and provide human and animal friendly shoes that meet the different style preferences of people at affordable prices.

The company aims in offering ethically crafted shoes that are comfortable and up to par.

Products are PETA approved and are made in Portugal.

Material: Uppers are made of Italian faux microfiber, TR soles, breathable lining, and latex insoles

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Loafers Black by Will’s London

Description: These comfortable shoes are made from super soft Italian fake leather that can be matched with different outfits.

Made with ethically derived materials, you can never go wrong with choosing these shoes form Will’s.

A PETA approved company, Will’s Vegan Shoes guarantee that every pair of their shoes are made to meet standards while making sure that they are animal friendly.

It is a brand that you can trust when it comes to getting quality cruelty-free shoes for both men and women.

Material: Italian fake microfiber uppers, TR soles, latex insoles, and breathable lining.


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City by Will’s London

Description: These shoes are simple and exude elegance.

You’ll love to wear them when going out for casual or formal occasions.

These are quality and ethically made shoes that are sure to meet your everyday needs.

Will’s Vegan Shoes aims to offer human and animal friendly shoes that meet the preferences of everyday people.

They make use of quality materials without hurting the environment and animals.

Material: Burnished Italian microfiber uppers, hard wearing soles with sleek stack effect, latex insoles, PETA approved, breathable and water resistant.

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Moc from Ahimsa

Description: Moc is another casual pair of shoes from Ahimsa made especially for men.

Ethically manufactured while meeting requirements for shoes that can be used daily, you can never go wrong with this pair.

It is lightweight and as stylish as you’d want for an everyday casual pair of shoes.

Ahimsa never disappoints when it comes to delivering cruelty-free footwear.

From men’s to women’s footwear, you can always guarantee that quality is always up to par and each pair is made with the environment and welfare of animals in mind.

Material: Cotton canvas, cork insole, canvas lining.

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Deer Stags’ King

Description: These shoes are made with oil resistant, non-slip, and water resistant bottom.

You are guaranteed to get a pair that is made from quality and is easy to clean.

Since it is made from synthetic man-made materials, you can easily wipe off dirt and keep the shoes looking new as always.

Deer Stags is known for their patented SUPRO technology as well as their slip-lasted construction.

The company is recognized as the leading provider of comfortable and trendy footwear that are suitable for any occasion and any individual.

Material: Synthetic uppers and synthetic soles

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For women, ethically made flats are comfortable alternatives for heels that you can use either for school or work.

If you have other brands in mind or currently using a pair you’d like to include in our list, do share them on the comment section below!

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