Best Vegan Skate Shoes

For Grip And Performance

Vegan Skate Shoes Overview


Etnies Alto

Etnies Alto

Skateboarding is a cool and challenging hobby. Buying a decent pair of shoes helps a lot to get the best performance possible.

It can be challenging to find a pair of vegan skate shoes, hiking boots or other animal friendly shoes that are durable and can withstand high impact and movement.

Some people choose to wear sneakers but if you look below you can see there are a lot of better options.


Etnies Alto

Etnies Alto

Wearing ‘normal’ shoes or sneakers are ok but they will not give ample support and protection to your feet. Also, they tend to have lesser grip, which may lead to poor performance.

If your a casual skater or serious and want to get the most out of your shoes we’ve created a list of some of the animal-friendly shoes you can wear whenever you go skateboarding.

Etnies Jameson HT Ryan Lay



Microfiber Canvas


Faux-Vulc Cupsole


Foam Lite 1 Insole


Enhanced Ankle Support


High Top

Description: The Jameson HT by Ryan Lay have a simplistic design but are actually really stylish. They have a ‘hidden’ toe cap which provides extra support and means they won’t wear as fast. The toe cap doesn’t weigh them down as they are surprisingly light weight. The Geo-Hex tread pattern means they have extra grip on the board which helps for tricks and balance.

Pros & Cons

Hidden toe cap

Excellent Ankle Support

Created by a vegan pro skater

Small Arch

Not great for wide feet

Emerica Romero Romero Laced Emerica Shoes

Description: These shoes from Emerica are designed, approved and tested by skateboarder Leo Romero.

All of its features boast durability, maximum grip, and ensuring snug fit whatever your movements are.

Emerica is considered as the house of skateboarding shoes with a variety of skateboarding related shoes and apparels to offer.

Though not all items are cruelty-free, there are specific options that can match your plant-based lifestyle.

On the other hand, they stand by their ethical policy in making sure that their suppliers and collaborators follow strict ethical working standards.

Materials: Manmade, synthetic sole, tongue stabilizer wing.

Etnies Jameson Vulc MT Nick Garcia


Etnies Jameson Vulc MT Nick Garcia

Description: A classic pair of high top skate shoes from Etnies and Nick Garcia..

These are made with elastic tongues to ensure superior fit.

You’ll definitely love wearing these comfortable pair when planning a day skateboarding with friends.

Though not all items from Etnies are 100% cruelty-free, you can still find high-quality selection of skate shoes that are made without animal by-products.

One of the main goals of Etnies is to provide quality shoes while practicing ethical working environment.

Materials: Lycra spandex, rubber Ollie guard, insole is STI foam lite 1.

Nike SB Nyjah Free

Nike SB Nyjah Free
Description: The first vegan skate shoe from Nike and they are pretty bad ass.

They are designed to be super flexible, breathable and grips well to your board.

The material use is high tech thin synthetic rubber.

Nyjah was really involved in the design of the shoe so it isn’t something Nike created and put his name on without any input.

This shoe took over 1.5 years to design and tweek to make it perfect.

Although Nike is not a skate shoe company it’s cool they are behind Nyjah and putting a lot of effort into creating a vegan skate shoe.

New colors have come out since the initial release but it can be a bit tricky to find your size and color online.

Vans Canvas Old SkoolVans Canvas Old Skool

Description: These classic skate shoes from Vans are considered to be the first pieces to bare the iconic stripe on the side. When worn, these only provide comfort and maximum control when skating.

Though not all products from Vans are vegan at least they have some. They are made of canvas and have a rubber sole so it’s a quality product. People who have brought these have rated them very highly. The sole is thick which means they last a long time. These fit true to size so you shouldn’t have any worries about getting the right fit.

Materials: Durable canvas, metal eyelets, padded lining and tongue.

Vans Era

Vans Era
Description: Era is traditionally known as the Vans #95 and has been a favorite choice of skateboarders from different generations. These shoes have padded collars and are available in different colors.

Vans may not offer a lot of vegan products, but people wanting to get cruelty-free items from the brand can actually find one. All it takes is for you to choose the items carefully or pick any of the items from Vans in this list.

Materials: Durable canvas, padded lining and tongue.

Etnies Marana XT

Description: The Marana XT is the latest offering from the Marana line with a style that is the most technologically advanced. It is meant to disrupt the standards in the industry when it comes to performance and durability as it redefines the progress in skateboarding footwear.

These are built exclusively for skateboarding to get protection without compromising the performance. Etnies drives to continue in creating technologically advanced skate footwear that meets the changing needs of the users.

Materials: Insole is foam lite 1. Midsole is exposed STI evolution foam, toa cap is made from flow-molded polyurethane, and collar panel is hot melted synthetic suede. Buy From etnies MARANA XT etnies

Marana Michelin Joslin

Description: The Marana redefines durability and performance with all its amazing features. Its overall design makes the shoes long lasting and durable. The hidden lace loops protects the lace from dirt.

Etnies is a trusted manufacturer of quality skate shoes that are made with advanced technology. You can find wide range of vegan-friendly shoes from their collections, just check the ones listed here or visit their site for more options.

Materials: Insole is pro foam 1 PU, midsole is STI evolution foam, rubber toe cap and outsole. Buy From Amazon


Etnies Marana Vulc

Description: These shoes are the slimmer version of the classic Marana and have vulcanized outsoles. The overall built is meant to last while making sure that it can provide support and breathability.

If you want to get quality skate shoes or other footwear for casual use or other sports, Etnies is a go-to brand you can choose. They have wide range of choices with some made form all-vegan materials.

Materials: STI evolution foam insole, outsole is vulcanized, rubber toe cap, mesh collar lining and tongue. Buy From etnies MARANA VULC

Moonstar’s Shoes Like Pottery

Description: These shoes provide maximum comfort as it follows the shape of the feet like a sock. Made with a resemblance with the Japanese footwear Tabi, you will never go wrong with picking these as skate shoes.

Moonstar was founded in 1873 and since then the company keeps on using innovative methods and advanced technology without the need to use animal by-products.

With an exception for the canvas body, other materials used in the shoes, from the sole to the sealant, are made or derived from rubber. Each pair is carefully made just like how pottery is made to perfection.

Materials: Rubber sole, canvas, rubber seal. See On Shoes Like Pottery Moonstar’s Shoes Like Pottery

Etnies Jameson Vulc Womens

Description: For the ladies who are also into skating and looking for great pairs of shoes, this pair of Jameson Vulc Womens is for you. It is available in different colors and you will definitely love it.

These have simple design but boast premium performance. Etnies is a trusted manufacturer of quality footwear for different purposes whether it is for skating, sports, or casual day or night outs.

Materials: Mesh tongue and vamp, insole is recycled open cell polyurethane foam, outsole is STI evolution foam, tongue straps are lycra spandex. Buy From etnies JAMESON VULC WOMENS Shoes Choosing the best pair of vegan skate shoes can be tough but hopefully this review helps. If you’re into other activities like running  this page has some great running shoes.

If you have other shoes you like to add feel free to comment below and we will check them out!