Who Are The Top 5 Vegan Skateboarders?

Skateboarding is now making its way to the famous sports list. As it takes much dedication and discipline to be good in this sport, more and more skateboarders are now stepping up the game and is switching to veganism.

Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, dairy products, eggs, and all animal-derived ingredients, and skateboarding as we know is a sport that requires big physical movements and consumes a lot of energy.

Some of the skaters listed below also have their own line of vegan skate shoes due to their popularity in the sport.

Is it possible for an athlete to be physically fit by eating plant-based food only? For some yes, but for these five gentlemen, it is sure beyond possible!

Top 5 Vegan Skateboarders

1. Ed Templeton

Ed has been in the skating industry since Ed-Templeton Skatebording1980’s and became a professional in the sport in 1990.

He won several competitions such as the World Cup in Munster, Spanish championship, and Slam City Jam. He became a Vegan in 1991 with the influence of his friends Mike Valley and Christian Kline.

Now he believes that meat and dairy industry and the cruelty it does to the animals is not something he would support.



2. Nyjah Huston

This 23-year-old professional skater has been a vegan all his life. He grew Nyjah-Houston Veganup in a household where their father wouldn’t allow them to eat meat, dairy products and even sweets.

Nyjah claims that his vegan diet has contributed a lot in his disciplined mindset and strong body that made him won most of skateboarding competition he participated, making him the most lucrative Skateboarder in 2013.

3. Andrew Reynolds

If you know Andrew, you would be inspired on how he changes from Andrew Reynoldshis most unhealthy form to the sober skateboarding vegan. He used to be addicted with illegal substance but is now an advocate of healthy living and eating plant-based food.

He used skating as his motivation to have a healthy and active lifestyle, now he is not only winning in skateboarding competitions but also in life.

4. Mike Valley

Skateboarding and veganism are both big responsibilities, Mike here surely Mike-Valley Trickshad his struggle along. He was a vegan back in the days he began in skateboarding and even influenced people to live this animal-friendly lifestyle.

However, he got distracted on getting big opportunities and gave up being vegan in 1999. He made his way to being famous but forgotten his heart’s desire of saving his “friend” animals. After some turn of events, Mike and his family is now back on veganism and even started a business related to it.

5. Ruben Najera

Ruben is an active skateboard athlete, a social media influencer, a dog lover Ruben-Najera Vegan Skater and the owner of Struggle Skateboards is also a vegan skateboarder who advocates cruelty-free lifestyle. He believes that eating meat screws up ones overall health and adds up 10 to 20 pounds on a meat eater’s weight compare to a plant-based eater.

Being on the heavier side could affect physical activities, in his case, his skating skills. He said that the key for an energized active body is by fueling with plant-based food. Now he enjoy sharing his followers how he juggle being a professional skater and an animal lover.

Surely veganism could be challenging to people who wants to be pumped up and get their energy from the food they eat. But these 5 skaters prove us that even with their strength and energy demanded sport, they can get all the necessary nutrients their body needs by eating plant-based food only.

These 5 skaters also prove that with dedication and discipline, anything is impossible from cutting meats and veggies from our diet to jumping on 15 steps stairs with their skateboards.

It may have taken them some time to get used to the diet, but this surely worked for them. The question now is, are you willing to do these sacrifices? What is your MAIN reason why you wanted to do this?

Do you have such self-discipline on keeping your self healthy and active? Maybe its about time for us to re-think on how motivated we can be if we really want to make a difference. Clearly, for these 5 top vegan skateboarders, living a cruelty-free life and saving lives of the animals and making themselves the best version they can be is a big difference.

Whether choosing between veganism or adding meat to their diet is still a big debate, it all depends on your preference, lifestyle and personal beliefs. There is no right or wrong way here. If you’re asking if being an athlete and being a vegan is possible, and sustainable, yes. Don’t forget that before you start any kind of diet or switch your food choices, you always have to take into consideration your overall health, and never take for granted what your doctor(s) would recommend.