Vegan Slippers

Lazy weekends in your pajamas will never be complete without a pair of snugly and comfortable slippers. Finding vegan options can be a bit tricky, but put your worries aside as we’ve created a short list of some of the best cruelty-free slippers.

You may have your mind stuck in finding the right dress shoes for work or a new pair of skate shoes to wear for another activity of your favorite hobby over the weekend, but a pair of comfy footwear at home is also essential.

Most of the items are sure to keep your feet warm and comfy and make you forget that you’re even wearing them. So, to get started, check out the list below.



Birdies The Goldfinch

Description: Get comfy and stylish at the same time when you’re at home with these slippers.

With the lush and cruelty-free materials used in making these, you can rest assured that allows you to stay in style even when just enjoying a movie marathon or doing some chores at home.

Though Birdies is not a completely vegan brand, this pair of Goldfinch is guaranteed to be vegan.

Currently, this is the only pair with man-made materials. Nevertheless, its design and comfort are still up to par.

Material: Velvet and faux fur insole

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Acorn’s Faux Chinchilla Bootie

Description: These plush booties are sure to make your feet feel warm during the cold weather.

You can wear them either indoors or outdoors and feel relaxed as it snugly hugs your feet.

These offer full coverage of your feet and provide comfort and protection.

Acorn offers wide range of footwear items and one of the cruelty-free options they have is this pair.

Material: Made with multiple layers materials, faux fur, lightweight memory foam, built-in heel offering arch support, rubber sole

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Freewaters Chloe House Slip On

Description: This pair boasts an ergonomic foot bed with a soft cushioning and contoured arch support.

Don’t worry about getting out of style even when at home as this pair offer a cozy and modern styling with its synthetic felt and fur materials.

The soles offer durability and strong grip while staying gentle on wooden floors, which make the suitable to be used for both indoor and outdoor

Freewaters is a 100% cruelty-free brand and offer wide range of slippers and shoes.

Aside from their ethically-made products, the brand is also committed in using a percentage of their sales to fund their projects in providing clear and clean water.

Material: Textile, synthetic sole, felt uppers, fur lining

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ISOTONER Cable Knit Bridget Clog

Description: Another option for those looking for something plushy, these are warm and offer luxurious comfort with each step.

It has memory foam cushion that molds to the shape of your feet and give a snug hug to keep it warm.

The combination of materials used in making this pair makes it a great option for those wanting something that offers more warmth especially during the cold season.

ISOTONER offers a variety of options that are created with man-made materials like microsuede, faux Sherpa.

However, you should always double check the descriptions and product details as not all of their products are free from animal by-products.

Material: Sweater knit upper is 100% acrylic, faux Sherpa layer, soft microterry, versatile sole for indoor and outdoor use.

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Skechers BOBS Keepsakes Ice Angel

Description: These slippers are vegan and considered by many as a very comfortable option.

Surprisingly, these are ethically-made and there are more options available you can choose from.

Just slip it on and you can go on with your day feeling relaxed and cozy.

Browsing through the vegan options on Skecher’s website, you’ll be surprised with the different items to choose from and are available in different colors and faux leathers/materials.

In addition, the brand donates a certain amount for shelter pets found at Best Friends Animal Society with each pair sold from the Skecher’s BOBS.

Material: Soft cable knitted sweater, rubber sole

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ASOS Never Leave Avo-Cuddle

Description: Want something plushy and cute? These Avo-cuddle slippers are for you.

It is super comfortable and will give your feet the warmth you want.

ASOS has different options when it comes to these items. The availability of the designs varies, so, if this design is not available there are other cute options you can try.

ASOS offers wide range of clothing items that can easily fit your needs.

They have this amazing tool that allows you to quickly search for the ethically-made items suited for your lifestyle.

Material: 100% textile, sole is 100 man-made materials

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Freewaters Men’s Jeffrey House Slip on Slipper

Description: A notable feature with this pair is the ergonomic footbed that provides the support for your feet while keeping it cozy with its soft cushioning.

Style is not a problem as these are crafted with synthetic felt for the uppers and a quilted lining to keep the feet insulated without overheating.

The soles are also meant to be used not only indoors but outdoors as well.

As mentioned above, Freewaters is a 100% ethical brand and has clean water initiatives.

These initiatives benefit communities in countries such as Kenya, Haiti, and the Philippines.

Material: Synthetic sole, textile. Synthetic felt, quilted lining, outdoor/indoor sole

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ASOS Slip On In Black with Crown Embroidery

Description: Give your feet some pampering with slipping them on these fluffy slippers in classic black color with crown embroidery.

These offer comfort and at the same time style that keeps you as fashionable as you want even on days when you feel too lazy to glam up.

ASOS brings the latest trends when it comes to fashion designed within London and sold in different countries.

The products you can find in the site are mostly offered at lower prices, which allows you to enjoy amazing products at affordable prices.

Material: Upper materials are 100% textile while soles are 50% textile and the other 50% is from other man-made materials.

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Mahabis Summer

Description: These slippers are made for those who want conventional footwear that gets a different look when you opt to wear outdoors.

This pair is unisex and is available in different colors.

These are breathable, lightweight, and will keep your feet as cool as possible throughout the year.

Mahabis only offers the Summer Slippers as vegans while the rest of their items are not.

It can be a bit costly, but can be worthy for those who feel like these are what they need.

Material: Flexible breathable mesh uppers, woven textile lining

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Sanuk Vagabond Chill Slip-On

Description: This pair is among the non-leather items from Sanuk that you can try.

The lining made of faux shearling is what will keep your feet warm and comfortable. The footbed has antimicrobial properties

One exciting and interesting thing about this pair is that the soles leave a smiley face print with each step.

Though Sanuk is not a 100% ethical brand, there are vegan options available from the brand.

All it takes is for you to check the product details as well as the descriptions to make sure that you find the cruelty-free made ones.

Material: Canvas, rubber sole, lining is faux shearling, outsole is rubber sponge, EVA footbed

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With all these options in mind, you can easily pick one that suits your style or level of comfort.

We have reviews other shoes to fit a plant-based lifestyle, click here to get to know more about them.

If you know other brands or are currently using an ethically made pair, feel free to share them with everyone on the comment section!

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