Vegan Sneakers For Sports Or Casual Activities

Finding vegan sneakers is becoming a lot easier with more major brands become cruelty-free.

One of the biggest selections of vegan friendly shoes is made by Etnies which you can see here.

Some mistake other design of sneakers to be similar with skate shoes. However, one who is interested in skateboarding should know that footwear for this activity has special features that protect the feet from different movements. With this in mind, it is necessary that you get to know which type is best for your needs.

It’s great to know that there are a lot of options and the style is great too.

We are constantly updating this page so if you know of any other vegan sneakers or have tried some in this article please let us know in the comments section below.

OluKai Nohea Mesh Shoe

Description: These sneakers are great for those who are always on the go without going out of style.

With these slip-on shoes, you can get a no-hassle shoes that are comfortable and stylish.

You can pair these with any outfit.

Materials: Mesh, microfiber lining, rubber sole

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Levis Jeffrey Hi Casual Fashion Sneaker

Description: If you’re looking for a cool pair of sneakers that are durable enough to be used for sports activities, then these are for you.

Coming from Levis, these have a denim-like look that make them more stylish and fit for casual activities.

Materials: 100% vegan leather, rubber sole

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Saucony Originals Shadow Vegan Retro

Description: These classic Saucony shoes are surely perfect for any activities.

Comfort without going out of style is something you’ll get from these.

Most importantly, these are made 100% cruelty-free.

Materials: 100% synthetic, rubber sole

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Acorn Wearabout Mule

Description: A perfect pair of casual sneakers great for long walks or for daily activities.

Since these have yarn as interior, you can make sure that you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day.

Materials: Imported textile, vegan leather sides, interior is yarn, rubber sole

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Kunsto Canvas Oxford

Description: If you want a pair of classic looking sneakers, these are great for you.

You’ll love the contrasting stitches in these shoes that give it a stylish look.

Materials: Imported canvas, rubber sole, waxed laces

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Vans Half Cab

Description: These are great for daily use and keep you going regardless of your activities.

Made from canvas, you can make sure that these are breathable and keep your feet as comfortable as possible for hours.

Materials: Canvas upper, padded lining and tongue, metal eyelets

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Etnies Beta

Description: A popular option from the ethical brand Etnies, Beta is one of the best sneakers you should add to your collection.

These can be paired with your daily OOTDs or when trying out for any sports.

Materials: Polyurethane sidewalls, spandex tongue straps

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Native Shoes Apollo Chukka

Description: Native Shoes is a popular ethical brand that offers wide range of sneakers to choose from.

The Apollo Chukka is among the popular ones that offers both comfort and style.

It has a unique look that can go well with any outfit.

Materials: Synthetic upper, synthetic sole, outsole and midsole are ethylene vinyl acetate

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Vegetarian Shoes Pineapple Supreme

Description: Made from piñatex, these shoes are incredibly durable and can be used either for any sports or for daily use.

Since these are padded, you can make sure that your feet are comfortable even with daily use.

Materials: Microfiber fake suede, piñatex, rubber sole

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Indosole Kota High Tops

Description: These stylish sneakers are great for daily use.

You can wear it like any other sneakers and tighten it with shoe laces or just quickly get it off with the zipper closure on the sides.

Materials: Repurposed rubber tires, canvas upper

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Merrell All Out Charge

Description: For people who are into physical activities, these shoes are best for you.

These are comfortable shoes that you can pair up with any outfits.

Materials: Synthetic, textile, mesh upper and synthetic sole

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Inkkas Black Spectrum Low Top

Description: If you’re into collecting shoes with quirky designs, you’ll definitely love adding these shoes to your stash.

People with colorful personalities will find themselves looking at these shoes in awe.

Materials: Canvas, woven textile, rubber sole, cotton laces

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Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro

Description: Another offering from Saucony, these low pro shoes are comfortable to wear whether for work, school, or any sport-related activities.

The padded interior will keep your feet as comfortable as you want them to be.

Materials: Rubber sole, canvas, suede and nylon upper, textile lining

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Vans Authentic Lo Pro

Description: A classic pair from Vans, you shouldn’t miss buying these shoes.

Aside from being completely vegan, these sneakers are practically all you need for any occasion.

These look great for both men and women.

Materials: Canvas upper, metal eyelets, vulcanized micro rubber outsole

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Converse Jack Purcell Signature Low Top

Description: Most people will probably own a pair of these classic low top Jack Purcell from Converse sneakers.

Being a popular choice, these shoes can be paired with almost any outfit.

Materials: Textile, upper is two-ply duck canvas, metal eyelets

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TOMS Classic Canvas Slip-On

Description: These classic slip-ons are sure to offer comfort and style.

You’d love the ease of pairing these with any casual to semi-formal outfits.

Materials: textile, synthetic sole,

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Superga Cotu Classic

Description: If you love wearing white sneakers, these sneakers should be added to your collection.

Since these are flat, you can keep your feet relaxed all day.

These sneakers are easy to pair with any outfit for school, work, or casual day or night outs.

Materials: Canvas, synthetic sole

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Nike Free

Description: These casual yet stylish sneakers are breathable and can go with any clothing style.

You can be more stylish with these simple shoes and be able to enjoy your day without your feet getting sore.

Materials: Synthetic textile, rubber sole

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Vans Slip On

Description: Popular for their slip-ons, Vans has these classic slip-ons that are considered as one of the most favorite pairs of consumers.

No one can deny the versatility of these shoes as these can match any outfit for any occasion.

Materials: Canvas upper, side accents are elastic, waffle rubber outsole

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Ahimsa Women’s Sneaker

Description: These are elegant shoes that can be worn for school or even for work.

What makes these great for daily use is the fact that you can wear it with any outfit.

Materials: Vegan leather, cotton-covered biolatex insole, water-based adhesive

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Etiko Organic Fairtrade Lowcuts

Description: These lowcut sneakers are the best used for casual strolls or even for school.

Wear it with your denim pants, a comfortable shirt, and get a simple outfit ready for the day.

Materials: Sustainably derived latex soles, canvas upper, cotton laces

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Top Selections from Ethical Brands





Description: Whether you are off for a busy day in the field to play sports or just a casual school day, these sneakers are amazing.

Despite using these as your casual go-to shoes, these exude elegance that you can pair with semi-formal attires.

Materials: Lycra spandex, co-molded outsole, thick foam midsole, TPU heel

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Description: People who are always on the go should get shoes that can fit their lifestyles.

These shoes are great go-to option. It is lightweight and comfortable.

Materials: rubber pods, combination of mesh and knit upper, foam lite insole, STI Evolutionfoam midsole

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Description: Comfort is among the important features that anyone looks for in a pair of good sneakers.

Along with other features, it has memory foam insoles that follow the shape of your feet and provide a comfortable base for your feet.

Materials: memory foam insole, STI Evolution midsole, lycra spandex for tongue, medial and lateral sides have hot melt design

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Description: These shoes are amazing for daily use.

The tongue and collar are padded to ensure that your feet are relaxed while using them.

Materials: recycled plastic and rubber, faux-vulc cup sole, STI foam insole, padded collar and tongue

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Description: These sneakers are available in different color combinations that can fit to your liking.

Made with the STI evolution from Etnies, you’ll love how these shoes can match your active lifestyle.

Materials: Lycra spandex interior, STI Evolution foam mid and outsole

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Description: Another option from Etnies is Barge LS.

The entire built of the shoes offer only comfort and style.

You’ll love wearing this everyday.

Materials: Hefty armored collar, vulcanized slim shoe, recycled PU foam insole

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Description: Functionality and comfort are things you should expect from these sneakers.

You love the minimal tongue, egg-crate midsole and foam lite insole of this pair.

All of these features contribute to making the shoes comfortable and durable at the same time.

Materials: Foam lite insole, egg-create midsole construction, minimal tongue, quarter panel is designed with perforated stylized E

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Description: These are great for those who like stylish shoes that they can wear for any casual events.

The padded tongue and collar are offering the protection and comfort to your feet.

Materials: EVA midsole, STI foam lite footbed, rubber outsole

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Description: If you want the same style as the Metal Mulisha Fader but with a canvas upper material, this pair is your best choice.

A minimalist yet stylish pair that you’d love to add to your shoes collection.

Materials: Outsole construction is vulcanized, EVA insole is die-cut, classic fader paneling combination of suede and canvas

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Description: A cooler pair that can rock with any outfit.

These sneakers are more stylish and are perfect for those who are into shoes with eye catching design.

Materials: foam lite insole, egg-crate construction midsole

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Matt & Nat



Description: These sneakers boast earthy colors that most women will love.

Made from polyurethane, it is durable and sturdy enough to go with your daily routines.

Materials: 100% polyurethane, TPR outsole

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Description: Women looking for trendy sneakers with chunky rubber soles will love these shoes.

It comes in interesting colors that are sure to match the styles of younger generations.

Materials: 100% PU lining, chunky rubber sole

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Description: These shoes are not your conventional types that you’d wear with any outfit unless you can really pull off the entire look.

Hall is a great option for those who love experimenting with their outfits and can confidently carry them.

Materials: EVA outsole with rubber, 100% PU lining

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Description: For those with an active lifestyle, Tess is a great pair of sneakers to use.

The materials used were meant to withstand your activities and still look cool with its overall design.

Materials: Combination of vegan leather, elastic, and neoprene, 100% Lycra, TPR outsole

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Description: Who would’ve thought that used airbags could actually turn into a simple yet functional pair of sneakers?

These shoes from Nae are made from recycled airbags and are fit for everyone looking for casual yet rugged looking shoes.

Materials: Recycled airbag

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Description: These stylish and versatile shoes are perfect for any occasion.

You can easily pair these with any outfit and still get the same stunning look every time you go out.

Materials: waterproof microfiber, paperboard agglomerate insole lined with microber, zipper closure

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Description: Those who are searching for eye-catching pair of shoes should look no further as Ibiza is the best option available.

These shoes offer both lace and zipper closures and have these chunky and fashionable soles.

Materials: Water resistant microfiber, lace up or zipper closure options

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Description: For those who like simple pair of sneakers, these are versatile shoes to try.

You can take these are your conventional sneakers that can go with any outfit.

Made from Piñatex fiber, you’ll feel at ease knowing that you’re wearing vegan-friendly shoes.

Materials: Piñatex, microfiber lined paper board agglomerate insole

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Description: If you’re looking for vegan-friendly slip-ons, these shoes are great alternatives.

These are comfortable to wear and are sustainably made to suit people opting for a vegan lifestyle.

Materials: Piñatex

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Description: Made from recycled plastic bottles, these shoes are meant to withstand daily wear while keeping your feet relaxed.

Wear these shoes all day with comfort and style.

Materials: PET fabric made from recycled plastic bottles

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Description: These slip-ons are best for those who want a pair of shoes with chunky soles.

Made from piñatex, these sustainably made shoes are great for women.

Materials: Piñatex,rubber sole

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Description: These lace-up shoes are perfect for men who like wearing sneakers while rockin’ both a semi-formal and formal look.

The design is classy and you will definitely love pairing these up with your work clothes.

Materials: Microfiber, particleboard card insole with microfiber lining, natural rubber sole

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Description: For the hipsters, these sneakers are made to catch everyone’s attention.

It has lace up and zipper closures that make these more fashionable for the young and young at heart.

Materials: Piñatex, lace up with zipper

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Vegetarian Shoes


Cheatah – Black

Description: Made from vegetan bucky, these sneakers are sure to be your new favorite.

It looks like your classic pair of sneakers that you can use for work, school, and other physical activities.

Materials: Vegetan bucky, rubber sole

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Cheatah – Navy

Description: Almost similar with the Cheatah – Black, but this pair is made from faux suede.

It offers a lace up closure and provides comfort with its padded interior.

Materials: Faux suede, rubber sole

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Panther Hemp

Description: Made from hemp canvas, these shoes are best for men who are into a lot of physical activities.

If you’re into sports or interested in taking part in varying activities, these shoes are for you.

Materials: Hemp canvas, rubber sole

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Trail Legend Mk2

Description: If you want something made from mesh or synthetic textile, these shoes are great.

These are simple yet durable enough to withstand daily wear whether it is for school, work, or just casually going out.

Materials: Mesh, synthetic, rubber sole

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Native Shoes


AP Mercury Liteknit

Description: These are perfect for those who love spending their day with a hint of sports or a quick jog.

You can wear these when going out with friends and prevent sore feet after long walks.

Materials: Upper is elasticized Liteknit, speckled laces, EVA outsole and midsole,

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Description: You can easily match these sneakers with any outfit.

Whether you’re up for a quick jog, a few hours at the gym, or enjoying day outs with friends, these are amazing shoes to wear.

Materials: Ultrasuede upper, flat elastic laces, EVA midsole, ultralite rubber outsole

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Description: These slip-ons are great daily shoes for school or work.

Made with mesh, these shoes are breathable and offer maximum comfort even with long hours of use.

Materials: Upper is mesh, heel and collar detail are neoprene, and outsole is EVA

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Description: These are among the everyday sneakers you can wear with or without socks.

You can wear these every day or even wear them when vacationing.

Materials: EVA construction injection molded, rubber sole

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Description: These shoes can be used on dry and wet surfaces.

Since these are made from EVA, you can make sure that these are durable, stylish and at the same time suitable for both men and women.

Materials:  EVA construction 3-part injection molded, compressed EVA outsole

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Monte Carlo

Description: Another cool choice for those who love creating stunning OOTDs, these shoes will look amazing with any outfit.

You’ll love the fact that you can experiment with your outfits with these cool pair of sneakers.

Materials: Acid wash denim, microfiber upper, EVA cup outsole, no-sew accents

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Picking any of these shoes, you get the ease of choosing something without any animal derivatives and at the same time made to last.

If you want something as comfortable as these options, you can pick faux suede loafers or perhaps flats that are great for strolling or quick walks.


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