Vegan B12 Supplements And Sources

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A recent article which referenced 18 studies found B12 deficiency rates among vegans and vegetarians are, ‘62% among pregnant women, between 25% and almost 86% among children, 41% among adolescents, and “90% among the elderly.’

According to Chris Kresser, ‘Vitamin B12 is important in brain, nerve, and hematologic health and is a factor in a key process called methylation’. Therefore, having a sufficient B12 source is quite important to maintain a healthy plant based diet. Unfortunately, due to the lack of B12 remaining in soil, plants don’t have the same levels they used to.

What Is The Best B12 Supplement For A Vegan?

As everyone is different the best way to check your B12 levels is to get your bloods tested from a local clinic. Once you get the results you can determine how much B12 you should take.

B12 helps you create red blood cells which transport oxygen throughout your body. A diet lacking in B12 can lead to fatigue and weakness. In addition, you can incorporate other supplements in your diet in situations when you have low iron levels or can’t get enough vitamins and minerals from food alone.

This is also applicable for those who want to get more protein or even an energy boost to keep up with their active yet conscious lifestyle. We have created this list of B12 sources so you have multiple options to choose from. In most cases you just need a spray a day to get the sufficient amount.

It is a good idea to get your bloods checked by a medical professional to determine your current levels. Here are some options:

Global Healing Center VeganSafe

Description: Absorb B12 faster with this oral liquid formula.

It is a combination of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin that are known to be more absorbable as compared to other forms of B12.

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DEVA Vegan Vitamins Sublingual

Description: If you’re not sensitive with products where artificial sweeteners are used, then you can take this B12 supplement.

Aside from B12 it also contains folic acid and B6 for reducing homocysteine levels. Click here for price





Jarrow Formulas Methyl

Description: Get these B12 lozenges in variety of flavors if you are not comfortable with taking B12 in drops.

This is made with Methylcobalamin as it is considered as the most bioavailable B12 form and retains in the body longer. Click here for price






Salt Lake Supplements Liquid Drops

Description: Improve your metabolism and energy levels with this B12 liquid drops. Since it is in liquid form, your body will absorb it faster.

This will also stay in your system longer than taking tablet forms. Click here for price






Nano Rush Nano Vite

Description: If you’re too sensitive for B12 liquid drops that are too sweet or too strong, then this spearmint flavor liquid spray is for you.

There are other flavor options that you can choose from and will surely boost your energy. Click here for price






Garden of Life

Description: Get 500mcg of vitamin B12 with every spray of this raspberry flavored vegan spray.

Take it daily along with a healthy diet and notice improvements with your energy levels, heart health, mood, and metabolism. Click here for price






Natural Health Goodies Chewable Lozenges

Description: If you’re looking for a chewable lozenge to get B12, then you can try this one. Every lozenge has 1000mcg of B12.

Just place the lozenge under your tongue and let it melt for fast absorption. Click here for price






Nature Made

Description: These time-released tablets contain a 1000mcg dosage of vitamin B12. The product has no artificial colors, preservatives or additives added.

B12 was outsourced from using all-natural ingredients to benefit your body. Click here for price







Description: If you’re looking for a vitamin B12 supplement that is made from whole foods, this is the product for you.

Unlike other supplements, MegaFood focuses on creating these mini-tablets from real food and give you all the benefits of these vegan vitamins.

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Can A Vegan Get B12 Naturally?

There is naturally occurring B12 in a vegan diet however with the way soil has been depleted over the years has resulted in less naturally occurring B12.

That is why we recommend getting a blood test and finding how much B12 you need to take. Some peoples levels are fine and don’t need anything additional but it’s worth getting checked every so often

Getting an alternative plant-based source for vitamins and minerals is a safe and sure way to stay as healthy as possible.


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