Vegan Iron Supplements

Are You Getting Enough?
Increasing daily iron intake through plant-based diet is very important if your levels are low. However, choosing the right iron supplements can be a bit difficult especially with the countless choices available in the market.


In addition to your diet, taking supplements is one way to make sure that you’ll meet your daily iron requirements. If finding a trusted brand is inconvenient for you, don’t fret as we have searched for the best options available and created a list of iron supplements you can buy.

We’ve also searched for other supplements that can increase your B12 levels or a multivitamin to meet all other vitamins and minerals that you need. If you want options you can try to boost your performance when working out, you can visit this page. Check the list below and pick the one that you think is most suitable for your needs:

Spatone Liquid Supplement Delicious Apple Taste with Vitamin C

Description: A liquid version of this mineral with vitamin C is this one from Spatone. This one is combined with apple concentrate as well as vitamin C.

It comes in 28 sachets that will help your body in transporting oxygen in every part of your body and improve energy release and vitality for 28 days. Spatone is a recognized brand providing natural iron supplement that are made readily available wellness and health seekers across.

Previously owned by Trefriw Wells Spa, Nelsons acquired the brand. Nonetheless, they’ve kept the same formulation that continuously benefits those who have trusted the brand. Click here for price

Iron Fuzion

Description: Naturally sourced from curry tree leaves, this supplements provides all-natural extracts that comes with pant co-nutrients and co-factors that helps in faster mineral absorption.

In addition, it also contains a unique blend of Echinacea root and organic thyme. It doesn’t contain any artificial or synthetic ingredients, sweeteners, and fillers, which makes it safe for daily intake.

This supplement will not cause upset stomach and helps in achieving energy levels, boosting immune system, and alleviating brain fog.

This supplement is a product of Global Healing that aims to provide health enthusiasts with natural products and important health information for achieving better heath.

They believe that restoring the body’s natural healing processes is possible with external and internal cleansing. Click here for price

Pranin Organic Purefood

Description: Made from amla berries, moringa leaves, and organic curry leaves, PureFood is the ideal replacement for synthetic supplements.

It also contains vitamin C and doesn’t result to constipation or digestive upset. Unlike other supplements that come in liquid or tablet forms, this is readily available in powder and can be mixed with your favorite smoothie or any of your favorite beverages.

Pranin Organic is a brand committed in bringing products that are up to par and at reasonable prices.

They aim in providing all natural products that contains the goodness and benefits of vegetables and fruits without artificial ingredients. Click here for price

Solgar – Gentle Iron

Description: Solgar offers vegicaps that contains 25mg of FE without any artificial additives, preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Each capsule is belly-friendly and is formulated with unique variety of chelated FE for maximum absorption.

It is highly recommended to be taken after meals to avoid possible side effects like nausea. Solgar offers wide range of supplements that are made from quality ingredients.

Committed to excellence, consumers can expect the potency and safety of using their products for promoting better health. Click here for price

VegLife Iron Tablet

Description: Every capsule of this product contains 25mg of FE along with folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamins C that increase the utilization of FE.

Since the tablets are small, you can easily swallow them and is suitable for those having issues with swallowing capsules or full pills.

VegLife is a brand that is committed in helping achieve a more compassionate world by means of developing dietary supplements that are cruelty-free.

They create non-GMO products and offer wide range of supplements that can cater to the different needs of individuals wanting to achieve better health. Click here for price

Garden of Life Iron Complex

Description: This product provides a unique blend of enzyme and raw probiotic along with a blend of raw and organic vegetables and fruits to add more nutritional support.

It also contains folate, B12, and vitamin C to help the body in absorbing the nutrients easily. Garden of Life is a brand widely recognized for their products made out of raw sources.

They create products that are non-GMO, gluten-free, and completely raw. Click here for price


Deva Vegan Chelated Iron

Description: A popular supplement from Deva is this high potency iron tablets that contains 29mg of the mineral and is fortified with B12, which is great for those with plant-based diets.

Having a higher dosage of the mineral, it is great for those who lack getting it from their diet.

Deva is a known brand in providing various vegan-friendly supplements, which makes it a trustworthy name when searching for ethically made products for improving overall health. Click here for price


Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Supplement

Description: Another liquid form you can try is this one from Trace Minerals Research. This is formulated with a highly bioavailable version of the mineral and can be taken straight or combined with water or juice.

It also contains magnesium along with other minerals that make up with other mineral deficiency that you have. Trace Minerals Research is a trusted brand when it comes to offering high quality and bioavailable supplements that fill the mineral deficiency of various individuals.

Click here for price



Floradix Tablet Supplement by Flora

Description: Among the popular iron supplements you can find is Floradix tablets that are also formulated with vitamins sourced from herbs.

With daily intake, it will not only fill the gap for your mineral deficiency but also maintain a healthy body.

Flora participates in the continuous evolution of people towards universal perfection, peace, and harmony by creating and providing services and products that aims in uplifting and purifying both the spirit and body.

They continue the innovation of developing their products with using environmental friendly practices. Click here for price


A.C. Grace Company IronUp Liquid Supplement in Grape Flavor

Description: A concentrated, bioavailable, and great tasting sourced supplement, this liquid supplement is formulated to help not only adults but also children and even infants.

It is GMP quality assured, free off casein and gluten with natural sweeteners and flavors. A.C. Grace Company is focused in providing products made out of pure and natural ingredients to deliver maximum performance at reasonable prices.

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Pick from these supplements or ask your doctor about the most suitable type of supplements to meet your daily iron deficiency. If you have other brands to suggest or would recommend, feel free to contact us or leave a message at the comment section below.