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There is a high demand for vegan food supplements as more people are living a cruelty free lifestyle. One products which has been found to help with energy levels and overall health is a vegan multivitamin.

It may be true for some, but to avoid going through the same situation, all it takes is a thorough research in the market for the right product. Most of the time, you’ll end up finding potent, plant-based, and affordable options.

There are various options for increasing essential mineral levels and improving workout performance.

To save your time in searching for the right multivitamin, you can check the list we created below and pick the one that suits you.

Deva Vegan Multiitamin Daily Mineral Supplement

Description: A high potency vitamins and minerals supplement, Deva guarantees freshness and purity in every dosage.

It is carefully and especially formulated using special herbs and ingredients that can meet the body’s nutritional needs.

This product is gluten-free, animal-free, and packed with iron and B12.

The company is known for producing and distributing 100% cruelty-free products and certified by the Vegan Society.

They commit in protecting animals as well as supporting organizations with the same advocacy.

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Country Life Max for Vegans

Description: This product is great for supplementing their bodies with necessary nutrients that they may not get from their diet.

It is made with the Maxi-sorb Technology that aims fast-absorption. Thus, making it work faster and more efficiently.

Recognized as the first supplement company to make all of their products gluten-free, Country Life offers various supplements suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Description: Naturelo is made of unique blend of organic vegetables and fruits.

It is non-GMO, free of gluten and fillers, and has now caffeine, dairy, gelatin, soy, and egg.

Taking this regularly will help boost your energy and metabolism, support immunity, and improve overall health.

Established in 2013, this privately-funded company aims to provide supplements crafted from natural ingredients.

They offer highly efficient and high quality supplements derived from organically-grown vegetables and fruits to deliver all of nature’s gifts to every supplement you take.

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Garden of Life mykind Organic Men’s Once Daily Whole Food Vitamin Supplement

Description: This supplement is especially made for men as it does not only contain essential vitamins and minerals but also promote prostate support.

Ingredients are made from whole foods and have no fillers or binders.

Taken once daily, men will get the benefits of B Vitamins, selenium, and vitamin D3.

With Garden of Life, you can expect to receive supplements that were slowly and carefully sourced from non-GMO whole food sources.

All supplements are formulated using organically grown vegetables and fruits that are free from any forms of chemicals.

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Garden of Life mykind Organic Women’s Once Daily Whole Food Vitamin Supplement

Description: A daily supplement made exclusively for women.

It contains various vitamins including B, B12, vegan D3. It also contains iron.

All ingredients are gluten free and will help in improving metabolism and energy.

Garden of Life is committed to only providing high quality and high potency supplements made of organically sourced ingredients.

They offer wide range of supplements that are Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, Certified Vegan, NSF Gluten-Free, Star-K Kosher certified, and Certified B-Corp Brand.

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NutraChamps Women’s Daily Supplement

Description: This product is crafted carefully to provide the daily nutrition needs of women.

When taken daily, women will notice improvements in energy levels, weight management, immune system, prevention of early signs of aging, and more.

Containing more than 40 ingredients, you can guarantee that it can be a go-to supplement for improving the well-being of every woman.

NutraChamps is known in using the latest technology to ensure that they create the most beneficial products to promote optimal health.

All of their products are clinically-proven, pure, non-GMO, third-party tested, GMP certified, and are free of fillers and stearates.

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Description: If you’re in search for something that your body can absorb faster and easier, this is the best option available.

It is made of vegan-friendly ingredients including B12 in the form of methylcobalamin and has no nightshades and tomato.

Since production of the product is limited, you are always guaranteed to receive a fresh bottle that is crafted carefully.

Aside from bringing the most innovative and top-quality supplements, MaryRuth’s is also committed in creating these supplements in the most ethical way.

All of the products are made with love, meaning no animal by-products and are free from processed sugar, nut and soy free. As much as possible, they make use of organic ingredients to deliver all the nutrients from fresh and chemical free sources.

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Supplements Studio Whole Food Multivitamin Plus

Description: An all-natural whole food supplement, this product will provide all the vitamins your body needs without artificial ingredients, preservatives, and animal by-products.

Great for both men and women, it can provide the daily nutrition requirement that can support your overall health.

With daily intake, it can help you achieve optimal health along with a healthy lifestyle.

Supplements Studio creates high quality supplements made of whole food ingredients.

They aim to provide supplements that are not only effective but are also sourced naturally.

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Deva Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral

Description: Vegan Society certified, this supplement from Deva is carefully and ethically crafted to support the overall health of soon-to-be moms.

It is recommended to be taken daily. However, it is highly advised that you consult your doctor first prior to buying and taking the supplement.

A company known to cater to the supplementary needs of vegans and vegetarians, Deva is a household name in providing wide range of high potency and ethically made supplements.

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Pure Vegan Advanced Vegan 60 Veggie Caps

Description: An animal by-products free supplement, this product contains pure and ethical ingredients that can support your nutrient needs.

It has the highest-bioavailability ingredients, minerals and antioxidants that will all promote better health.

You can expect that the plant-based ingredients will all work in meeting your daily nutrient requirement.

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We hope this list of vegan multivitamins help you choose the best option for your health, energy and wellness. You will find out quickly which one is the best choice for your needs.

Elderly caregivers must pay special attention to nutritional needs. Vegan multivitamins can be a beneficial addition to seniors diet.

If you are taking other brands or supplements that could be added in our list, feel free to share them on the comment section below!



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