Best Vegan Protein Powder Reviews

Healthy, Delicious And Plant Based
Are you looking for vegan protein powders that don’t literally taste like dirt? Well, we just made your search easier with the list below!

We completely understand that you want to get more protein in your diet and you don’t have to miss the best options for you just because you eat completely plant-based.

Along with meeting your daily vitamin and mineral requirements, getting more of this nutrient is also essential to stay energized throughout the day. Find more supplements you can try at

The list below includes some of the best choices we reviewed for you to get more protein.


Orgain Organic Creamy Chocolate Fudge

Description: This is ideal for on the go people who still want to get their healthy daily dose of protein.

It is great for vegans as it is completely organic and plant based.

Enjoy the rich and creamy chocolate fudge flavor or other flavors that’ll fill you up whenever you drink it.

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Vega Protein and Greens Chocolate

Description: When consuming protein powder on a daily basis, you don’t really have to settle to those with bland taste.

Try this chocolate flavor from Vega Protein and Greens and enjoy great mornings boosted by a glass of choco flavored protein powder.

Check out other flavors of Vega Proteins and Greens to enjoy every day.

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ALOHA Organic Vanilla

Description: Add this option as your daily source of good tasting and energizing protein in vanilla flavor.

You don’t have to deal with bland tasting plant-based protein powders if you have this variety from Aloha.

Plus, it has coconut sugar as sweetener instead of stevia. Try the other flavors from Aloha and make drinking protein shake or smoothie more exciting.

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Kashi GOLEAN Plant Powered Shake Matcha Tea

Description: Get rich amounts of proteins from legumes, pea and seeds while enjoying the taste of matcha tea with this one.

You’ll also get the benefits of different greens, beets, and probiotics.

Also try GoLean in Choco and Vanilla Vinyasa flavors.

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OWYN Smooth Vanilla

Description: This protein shake is exactly what you need if you want something that is free from all artificial ingredients and is purely organic.

Made by athletes, you can make sure that this product can actually give your body all the nutrients and protein it needs daily without compromising the flavor.

Check their cold brew flavor to get a taste of something new for your protein drink.

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PlantFusion Lean Weight Loss Vanilla Bean

Description: Make losing weight possible and easier with a daily intake of this weight loss protein powder in vanilla bean flavor.

It is has Ecolean formulation that helps in sustaining energy and curbing hunger.

This will replenish all important nutrients that you can’t absorb with eating same amount of food that you used to and energize your body.

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PlantFusion Complete Vanilla Bean

Description: Never worry about recovery after hours of exercise or even from work-related stress when you have this protein powder from PlantFusion.

This is a complete protein-rich powder made from whole food and raw resources that can deliver your daily protein requirements.

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PlantFusion Phood Meal Replacement Vanilla

Description: If you’re planning to lose weight and don’t want to miss important nutrients, then this protein-rich meal replacement powder is for you.

It is rich in fiber, digestive enzymes and various superfoods to ensure that you get your daily dose of nutrients without gaining those extra pounds.

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MRM – Veggie Vanilla

Description: Aside from getting your daily protein requirement, this can also help you in keeping your ideal weight.

It will make you feel full for hours that will help lessen your food intake.

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PEScience Select Chocolate Bliss

Description: Get your dose of protein every day from this product.

Protein from Select is derived from brown rice and peas.

It is lactose free and has a natural choco flavor that you’ll love.

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MRM – Veggie Elite Performance Vanilla Bean

Description: This protein powder is ideal for those with active lifestyle and always on the go.

It is entirely plant-based and is easier to digest than whey.

A glass of a smoothie or shake made from this powder will surely get you going throughout the day.

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SAN RawFusion Vanilla Bean

Description: Enjoy about 21 grams of protein in every serving with this product.

You’re body will benefit from the raw plant-based protein matrix from consuming RawFusion on a daily basis.

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GAT Plant Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter

Description: If you’re into plant-based protein powders and want to try something more flavorful. This one is for you.

The rich choco peanut butter flavor will make you look forward to start mornings with this delicious powder.

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Body Nutrition Gardenia All Natural Chocolate Cacao

Description: try this great tasting plant based protein powder that’ll turn into your favorite once you taste it.

It has probiotics, antioxidants, and full spectrum of amino acids that will surely benefit your body and help you go through your day.

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Garden of Life Organic Chocolate

Description: Make your morning smoothies or shakes healthier and more flavorful with this product.

It is packed with probiotics and vitamins that will fill in all the lacking nutrients in your body even without eating too much food.

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vanilla

Description: Enjoy this Non-GMO and 100% organic protein powder every morning or after workout.

Get all the protein you need and at the same time get your needed amino acids.

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Naturade VeganSmart ShakeVanilla

Description: Another vegan protein shake you can try is this one.

Enjoy its natural flavor and sweetness and get the benefits of all the minerals and vitamins you’ll get from it.

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KOS Organic Chocolate

Description: This plant-based protein powder is all you need to boost your day.

Make a glass of protein smoothie or shake and get the health benefits from this product.

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Organic Vegan Chocolate

Description: Build muscle, keep your healthy weight, and maximize your energy daily when you take a protein drink with this product.

Mix it with your favorite shake or nut milk to enjoy its benefits.

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Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein

Description: Enjoy protein, fiber and amino acids from this protein powder.

You can blend it with fruits and your favorite nut milk to enjoy its goodness.

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Try to include supplements for mineral deficiency can also help you pump up your energy and stay healthy. Sometimes, taking a complete vitamin and mineral supplement is enough, but you should always consider the type of supplement with how active your lifestyle is.

If you have other brands to share or are using one that is worth recommending, leave a comment below!


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